Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Oh so nice..

Its just so rare to see a silvia that isnt thrashed..

Very early production - a 1988 S13 Nissan Silvia K's Convertible.

Damn these are rare to find. its actually quite a handsome convertible really, and absofknlutely head-and-shoulders above the S15 Varietta looks wise.

.. its also a decently good looker with the roof up. The slim rear quarter glass is nice, and im glad to see it hasn't got a wrap around rear window.

You could consider it a bit of shame this car is an auto, but its honestly more of a boulevard cruiser than anything else..
.. and i can sure-as-all-hell see myself cruising along in this car!

Picture of how the soft-top stows away.

The CA18DET moving it along. more than enough.. :)

Currently for sale at a dealer in NSW, Australia; for a fair bit of coin.
Worth the asking price though, as its just bloody spotless. Despite the lack of mention of KM, it looks practically new.
And although this isnt my S13-Favourite colour combination of minty green over grey, this dark blue really looks brilliant.

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