Friday 15 February 2013

Its a nugget, but a minter..

1988 Mitusbishi Cordia GSL.
The GSL admittedly being the non turbo, and this one 'equipped' with a 3speed auto; but damn is it looking good for its age.

The undesirable variant - the trick to this Cordia's survival.
25 years old this year, a whisker over 100,000km, and still has its mudflaps..! ha

Looks good in the gunmetal grey.

 Super tidy in here, and completely original. Wouldnt change a thing.

Flip bonnet, and the 4G62 non turbo, single cam, 1.8litre - stirring that 3speed auto - and sending power through to the front wheels.
..Not a particularity fiery combination, but a sweet little car to get about in.

This whole car is only $2500. One of those times you couldn't even attempt to make one this nice for that money.

Great example of a now-rare car. :)

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