Thursday, 28 February 2013

Unusual angle..

Photos of a super neat 1987 GX71 Toyota Mark II GT Twin Turbo...

..Taken from above.
Definitely an interesting angle to sell a car - especially three shots of it!

Its sure cool though, and really shows the boxyness of the X7 MarkII beautifully. You also get to see other subtle detailing like the matching creases running down the length of the bonnet and boot.

This pillar-less hardtop sedan body style - with its lack of B-pillar, polished A-pillar trim, and blacked out C-pillar - makes the roof panel look like its floating.
Interestingly also, is that the extra rake on the rear windscreen almost perfectly matches the angle on the front, so the car is looks near symmetrical front-to-rear!

GTA 1 - 1987. :P

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