Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Classic Japan 2015..

Righto, lets get this underway..
An assortment of pics of some of the cars at this year's Classic Japan - an event organized by the Toyota Car Club Australia (Vic) for the last couple years, and pretty much the largest local classic Japanese car meet/show on the calendar.
I'd gone to each previous event, and had been looking forward to this one for a while. Cleaned the cars up in anticipation.. only to find out 2days before that it was pre-entry this year..! Argh! Oh well..
What's most impressive about this then would be the turnout compared to previous years. The fact they managed to get so many people to commit to going before the actual day, shows how much bigger this event seems to be getting..
..so next year.. will be interesting to see how this keeps going!

ANYWAY moving on. Pics. It's what this is all about.
Sorry/apologies/etc again for the phone pics. For me its more than enough to jog my memory.. but for anyone else.. just move a little further away from the screen, blur your eyes, or have a couple drinks. They're not flash!
Despite this, great day for photos! Nice and overcast.. oohhhh, that soft light. How flattering..

So, starting in no particular order....
..with a neat yet unnecessarily-slammed SVD R31 Skyline GTS! Just because I'm a huge fan of these.

Actually, yes.. lets continue with some other Skylines...
Very tidy Series II R31 Skyline Silhouette..

..followed by a very original looking Series III Silhouette, with the 1988 bicentennial plates...

Late HR31 GTS coupe on its stock wheels.. minus caps..

..and then going back a couple years, to this ironmask DR30 on large colourmatched SSR mesh. Tiiiidy Benetton Momo wheel and knob are ridiculous-yet-period, while the seats looked to be out of a much newer BCNR33 GTR...

Segue..ing from here nicely into more Nissans...
..and a very original looking S12 Gazelle! Getting VERY thin on the ground here nowadays, and with wheels like those?! Ooof!

..an even rarer Nissan these days; this super neat 910 Bluebird TRX! Seriously looks fantastic.

 ..even rarer again however, would be this '81 A10 Stanza SSS...

 ..with its epic 'SSS' seat fabric. Seriously.. yes...

Moving away from the Nissans...
"These are the roads - Mainly Outback, that we have travelled over in the past 7 years"
So great. Old Mitsubishi (or 'Mitsi' here after a run-in with a box cutter!) L300/Delica still going strong!

I love seeing these; Subaru's Vortex/Alcyone/XT.. with its asymmetrical two-spoke wheel and aerodynamic handle flaps..

The first three generations of Honda's Prelude, which I was stoked to see parked together. Interesting how big the 1st generation car appears to be.

While I have an attachment to both the second and third gen cars, its the second generation car that gets me the most!
This one actually reminds me of one I posted about back in 2012. Seeing that other car was spotless, manual, and had less that 100k km on the clock.. I'd say its time is finally coming..!

From Honda to Honda.. and what was absolutely no doubt my favourite display of the day. I was SO impressed with this.
..SO impressed.
..yes, capitals, bold, itallic, and underline impressed..

 City with Motocompo..

..brochure display board beside the car...

..now go back to the photo of the back of the car.

The owner deserves a pat on the back for that effort!

Now, a couple Toyota's..
Super neat 4AGE in this AE82 Corolla Twincam. Mentioned it before, but am a big fan of this particular model..

Great two-tone on this '89 ST162 Celica SX...

..and overlooking the show, an assortment of 4WD Toyota's.

Late third generation single cab Hilux, in impressive shape..

..decals on the Bundera. This really was in awesome original conditon..

aaaaand finally..
..just out of shot in the line-up above..
..what was my favourite car of the day..

This aaabsolutely spotless, restomodded, 1981 RN46 Hilux.
The photos don't do this thing justice.. it was so nice. What a great thing to mozey about in..

So that's all.
I'm going to shut up before this turns into a completely incoherent mess. I got a bit side-tracked writing this all, and ehhhh... now its well past 3am. I'm tired. Wit and any actually useful insight into anything here just thrown out the window..
Ramble ramble something something...



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  2. I love and read every one of your posts! Keep it up, please, as it is fascinating entertainment for me here in Canada/USA.

    Would you ever consider a beginner's or how-to guide to buying wheels on Yahoo Auctions in Japan? Things to avoid, tips to winning an auction, rare wheels worth buying or crap wheels worth ignoring, apps to use to find the best auctions, translation sites and that sort of thing?

    1. Cheers!
      Unfortunately I dont know Yahoo *quite* well enough to do a guide, as theres things I'm no doubt doing a backward/clunky way! Any post about it would end up more as just a couple pointers. As for going into detail on the wheels themselves.. Eesh.. That would be one helluva lengthy post! Been meaning to do a rough rundown on mid-to-late-80's SSR in particular though..
      ..soon enough.. Hopefully... Hha

    2. Got you! Thanks anyway and thanks for replying. Keep the posts coming!

  3. very nice selection of cars!i never saw this 910 bluebird front tho,is that some aus only stuff?or some special edition?

    1. Not too sure what markets that front turned up in, but that IS a standard Aussie Bluebird front. Interestingly, these were actually built in my state..

  4. Thanks for sharing. A lot of unique cars that I've never seen before. Love this blog, keep up the great work.

  5. Thanks for sharing. A lot of unique cars that I've never seen before. Love this blog, keep up the great work.

  6. Wow! Some special cars here. Love the AE82 twin cam. Been looking for an RN46 complete with styleside tub to restore. Cannot find one. So clean and original with air! Looking forward to Classic Japan 2016!