Friday, 25 December 2015

Melbourne Datsun Day 2015..

...righto then; next up, how about a little Datsun content?
..Well, more Nissan in this case; but 'Melbourne Datsun Day' had a little more going for it than 'Melbourne Nissan Day'... which just sounds like a 0% finance weekend offer at a Nissan dealership..!

Finally-ish getting around to posting these pics anyway, with the show being a little over a month ago. First Datsun day. Good location (in the Melbourne Yarra Valley winery region). Nice weather. All 'round good things..
Car-wise? I love shows like this. I'm sure no one ever expected a standard bronze Bluebird station-wagon to ever get any appreciation, but thanks to days like this (..and 30years..) here we are. Lots of R31 Skylines as expected, but a ton of variety in-between.. and all in all a show I'm keen to go to again..!

So.. moving onto the car pics. For the sake of regularity and potential running-jokes.. I'll get into it the same way as the Classic Japan 2015 post..
...with some R31 SVD Skyline Silhouette GTS2! I know I've gone through these before somewhere, but these second-series cars are all (*bar a handful) identical to this one - so it's a given I was going to see a couple of these there!

All red with white wheels, unique aero, warmed over RB30E, bigger brakes, Scheel seats, and so on. I love them, and would definitely love to own one at some point...

One step down from the Silhouette GTS, is the regular Silhouette. This one has a few factory-plus style modifications, in the way of a GTSR front spoiler and rear wing, GT side mouldings, and very appropriate Impul Silhouette wheels!

...where those spoilers originated: a proper navy-blue HR31 GTS-R.. the RB20DET-R powered Group-A homologation variant. Sitting on a set of period, SSR-made, Watanabe RS-8's too - with caps!

Another red-over-silver series3 Skyline Silhouette, this one on neat SSR Reverse Mesh..

Series3 Skyline Ti (..I think..), with an interesting grille, and what look to be step-lip Simmons B45's.
Spotto a neat, late, WC34 Stagea too..

Another slightly more original Series3 Skyline Ti, that was very tastefully done. White SVD Silhouette GTS1 wheels..

..and an impressively neat RB30E+T setup. To whoever owns this: very nicely done!

Wrapping up the seventh-gen skylines with what would've been my favourite car there; this HR31 GTS-X on Work Ewing 1's. Will make a separate post for this in the coming days...

Jumping from the HR31 back 7-or-so years... to this pretty bronze 1980 A10 Stanza/Violet! Can't say I see much of these..

..also rare to see nowadays, this 720 King Cab.

 Light metallic blue over brown. Deluxe...

Wasn't much in the way of N13's there unfortunately, but here to represent the Pulsar; a pair of RNN14 GTI-R's and an ET. Factory-turbo trio...

Very clean late Z31 300ZX/FairladyZ, on large SSR Koenig's..

Late ironmask DR30 on a set of now-uncommon Volk Racing GTP's..

A bit of luxury, in the way of a metallic-maroon Y30 300C/Cedric/Gloria..

two of a variety of different R32 Skylines there; a GTR-esque sedan (with sunroof!) and a very special Australian-Delivered BNR32 GTR. From any angle you can spot interesting little differences that made the Australian cars unique...

...and FINALLY back around to a car I mentioned at the top of the page. An Australian 910 Bluebird station-wagon.
In Bronze.
..a license to print money by the time you get to Series Three, no?

That's all for now though! I'm (finally!) out of pictures..
So, good! Great! Done! Now off to do something somewhat more constructive...

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