Monday 14 December 2015


..Like the blog.. but trendy!
I'd ignored it for such a long time.. but finally hopped on the Instagram bandwagon around two months ago, and have been posting pics flat-out since..
It's not a great format for the tons of waffling text I like to write, but in the world of pictures..? DAMN.. it is easy to use. 
These blog posts? I take the pictures, get the pics off my camera, resize, upload to blogger, write a post (which doesn't work on mobile.. it's just so, so awful...), yadayada and so on, then BAM - around... 6ish months later..? It's posted.
..from a mobile and onto Instagram though? My inner 16-year-old girl beams at the choice of filters to slap over them, and within minutes we've got yet another lovely square 1080pixel image uploaded and off to the world!
So while it can never replace the classic blog format for pure simplicity of information and pictures; it is great for posting one-off pictures loose of a set.. or not justifiable for a post. The odd car pic, driving pics, wheel pics, whatever.. here we are.. and there I am.

The link is simply:
..which conveniently is just as easy to view on a normal browser!

As a sampler, orrr.. for the sake of recycling? A couple of the pics...
Photos of cars out and about...

Pics of the 4Runner and Little Red...

Photos of signed photos of Tom Selleck...


Miscellaneous bits n bobs...

...and of course, wheels
Photos of the wheels getting cleaned up, progress pics, romantic sunset pics, and pictures of pictures! The old Canon has never had so much love..

So go have a look, with any luck it'd be somewhat interesting!


  1. lots of blogs i used to watch ended up by theyr authors have moved to instagram,facebook,etc...i hope this wont occur here too

    1. I've noticed that too..
      You can see why though.. Its just so much easier. As i mentioned above, Blogger is pretty bloody awful to use..! Unnecessarily-complex, and annoyingly glitchy. Its just frozen in time..
      They'd be following their audience too to an extent. I feel as though a LOT of people dont even play in the general internet anymore. Facebook.. Instagram.. Twitter; their email, their ebay, wikipedia, bank apps.. Why do they need to go trawling though the trillions of pages of unknown?
      But no; nothing to worry about here. I still love this format for readability, and I'm not doing this for any other reasons than to amuse myself, and anyone else who happens to stumble past!

    2. yea blogger is abit crappy,and allways was lel,but it was worse tho,i remember the times when you could upload just 5 pics at one time so if you wanted to have more in your post,you had to split it and upload pics several times,that was so annoying lmao...but yea i realise its not only easyer on facebook,etc,but also since pretty much everyone have it so as you say,they dont have to go on separate sites to see the content...

      still even tho blogger have its bugs and such,its still imho best site for free blogs,i wish i would have more use for it atm tho,as my blog is more or less dead because the comunity around the content i was into is basically dead and i dont feel like anyone would even care about the new content im into (game modding,but different "game" now),since it have pretty fine forums,i just dont rly have motivation to continue on it now lel

      ...but anyway glad to hear you aint planning to move to social media completely :D