Friday, 7 December 2012

Cherry '83 SA22C

Another good looker.

1983 SA22C/FB Mazda Savanna RX7 - looking gorgeous in a solid red.

The aftermarket front bar is working well here, complete with small foglights and a towhook.

 Centrecap-less Work Equip 01's. One of my favourites.

The wing works, and the exhaust (muffler at least) looks to be a quality item.

Large sunroof.
I'm a huge fan of painted metal sunroofs. A closed glass sunroof from the outside isnt a pretty thing, so having a bodycolour panel that's hard to spot when closed, is the perfect solution. For some reason its not that popular, and the Porsche 911 is the only car i can think of that regularly had the painted steel panel. for a short period Mazda's MX6 and Honda's Prelude did too..

I can only assume the dash mat is covering some healthy cracks, and it looks like someones attacked the centre vent with a pick; but its otherwise tidy in here. Nardi Classic is almost a go-to wheel for older Japanese cars.
5 speed with what looks like an old Greddy knob is cool.

Tidy Rotor with classic HKS mushroom pod, and other light (visible) mods.

Great early RX7 anyway, and you wouldn't be in a hurry to change a thing.

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