Monday, 3 December 2012

Twin Turbo R..

short of the Turbo-A, if you happen to be in the market for an A7 Supra, this is likely the model to buy..

Its a 1989 JZA70 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo R.

Simply updating the wheels modernized it very well. the simple charcoal 5-spoke looks great here.

Tall Cusco strut brace, covering the early 1JZGTE. The super-smooth 2.5ltr Twin turbo 6's first day on the job!

Inside the Twin-Turbo R you got the added bonus' of a 4-spoke Momo wheel...

.. and Recaro LX-C's. shame it didnt get the net/mesh headrest the Surf/MR2 got, but it probably makes sense. hilariously, the net/mesh headrests are rather tall, so the seats probably wouldn't have folded forward properly!

Like the Surf, the rear seats were done to match.
Interesting floor brace there too - just to make absolutely sure the rear seat passengers get no room!

Nice car. Desirable model/spec.
The JZA70 was a good finish for the third generation of Toyota's Supra.

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