Tuesday 25 December 2012

Silhouette inspired..

1984 DR30 Nissan Skyline 2000RS, looking brilliant in red on black..

..with some pretty wild DR30 Silhouette-inspired aero add-ons!

The coolest of the cool, Japanese 80's racecar. Just awesome.

Looks very 'right' on the car to me. No idea whether they're original accessories or not; but I haven't seen them before, and couldn't see anything with a quick search. I'd love to know..

I love the odd gap in the rear lip, complete with the raised transparent section. Never seen anything like it..!

Cant help but wish this thing was slightly lower; complete with some much larger, much more agressive, SSR EX-C (w/ aero covers). Too bad a complete set of EX-C's in the sizes I'm dreaming of, aren't exactly cheap..

The Black velour interior is in great shape. not sure about some of the later additions (cf dashpad? sony headunit, etc); but easy fixes!

Overall, another nice solid DR30. Ironmask in my favourite colour combo too.. ;)

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