Friday, 8 March 2013

Awaiting restoration - the HKS Supercharger..

A part I've had for a couple years now.
Its a complete 1986/7 HKS Supercharger setup, specifically made for the 4AGE (NA) in the AW11 Toyota MR2.

The setup I have here is well worn. The supercharger itself looks to be fine, but the whole kit has its fair-share of carbon and grime.
The plan is to get all the alloy bits carefully blasted back to new, have all the brackets powdercoated black, re-plate or replace all the fasteners, find a new bearing and belt; and set it aside to one-day go onto my AW11.
No rush, but definitely something I intend to do.

Closeup of the fantastic 'SUPER CHARGER' text on the top of the intake.

The kit disassembled into groups.
The HKS F-Con in the centre, which I wrote about separately a while back.

The star of the show - the supercharger itself.
is an Ogura Clutch unit, marked MODEL SX11A, and has a displacement of 1150cc.
Interestingly, this is almost spot-on with the SC12 fitted to the 4A-GZE (the factory supercharged variant of Toyota's 4A-GE engine) @1200cc.

The cast alloy parts of the kit.
Nicely made, with a very OEM feel to them.

And more cast pieces, but this time steel.
Brackets to support the supercharger.

The original piping and orange joiners - looking very tired!

The intercooler. Bought seperately, accidentally, and by chance.
It had been seperated from the SC kit i bought, and listed seperately. I spotted it weeks later on Yahoo (might have even been a month or two!), and made sure i could reunite it with the kit. Awesome.

Recently I managed to buy the 1985 and 1987 HKS Catalogues; and in the 1987 one is a bit about the SC kit.
It would help if I could actually read Japanese, but hey, I'm here for the pictures..

The third page there shows the complete kit installed, and then a side shot on the fourth page.
Cool to see the old HKS POWER logo there too, including one on the intercooler.

The kit is pictured fitted to what looks like a 1984 AW11 G-Limited.
The picture of the AW11's on the banked track, shows that HKS Supercharged car, a G-Limited, Supercharger, and a G-Limited NA or two.
The factory 4AGZE setup is pictured at the bottom of the last page. I have to admit, its alot neater than the HKS setup!

Pricelist for the Supercharger's, including a sweet B/W photo of a first generation CRX.
Sadly I cant read whats included with the three prices of kit there (under AW11 4A-GELU) - 350k, 470k, and 700,000.. BUT..
..around this time, brand new AW11's were in the 1.5 to 2.2 million yen range (1500 S, to 1600 G-Limited Supercharger); so it was a fair chunk of money!

I'll eventually get around to fixing this up; its something I'd do regardless of whether or not I plan to run it on my car. Its just cool.. 

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  1. Interesting read. I have the HKS kit for the AE86 from the same era. See
    I'd be interested in seeing the info from the HKS catalogue for the AE86 kit. I could even give a translation a go as I used to read Japanese.