Monday, 11 March 2013

Wouldn't change a thing..

A bloody gorgeous, 1984 DR30 Nissan Skyline 2000RS Sedan.

The update, Iromask front, with the slim headlights and noticeable bonnet-buldge; combined with the low ride-height, makes this thing look super sinister from front-on.
The classic skyline quad round lights on the rear, with their grey backgrounds, look great against the metallic grey paint.

Speaking of silver/grey..
Even though I'm hard-pressed looking past the red-over-black on the coupes; there isn't much nicer than this grey on the sedans.
This car really looks great lowered over the staggered matte-black Watanabe's. I do prefer them with their caps, but since 90% of people dont run them, they never look like their missing without.
The lack of added aero on this car is totally working too.

Fantastic shots of a very clean and original interior.
I love the pattern on this cloth, and the dark red/brick colour looks amazing against the gunmetal exterior.
Impressively modern approach to a 'red' interior too; as the interior is actually black/grey, with red cloth on the seats (and the door-card inserts of course) - this is actually how alot of coloured interiors are done nowadays.
Oldschool Nardi wheel (that isnt the usual classic/torino), and a 5speed too. Absolutely no complaints in here!

A perfect example of Nissan's FJ20ET. A two-litre, twincam, 4 cylinder.. and as I've mentioned manymanymany times, its a damn good looking engine too! Loving the wrinkle red, and the long intake runners.
In the DR30 non-intercooled application, this motor 140kw/187hp; definitely impressive for its day.

Overall, another really great example of a classic car. I'd love to own it.
Huge thumbs-up to auto garage  pleasure for taking fantastic pics!

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