Wednesday 27 March 2013

Third, and last..

A very sweet, 1988 KN Subaru Rex (Combi Vicky II); Subaru's entry in the Kei class market, from the late 70's to the early 90's.
1988 was two years into the third generation of Subaru Rex; which charged on until 1992. Then that was it for the 'Rex' nameplate - but not such a loss when I've always known this model as a Fiori anyway!

I love the throughly-white paintjob, and light blue decals. The hubcaps are also fantastic. Super cute overall!

Those colourful decals proudly tell us that this is the 3-valve (per cyl) EK23 powered car, with the CVT Auto transmission..

 ... The 544cc two-cylinder pumped out a whopping 26kw!
While there was still an even more basic engine available (2v per cyl version of the same EK23); A higher-spec Intercooled Supercharger version became available from 1988!

Inside is plain - minimalist - but attractive as a result.
The auto is left as a bit of a shame really. I'd say a car like this - featherweight, tiny tyres, and a revvy engine (that 26kw is developed at 7000rpm) - would be a heap of fun to punt around.

Super clean example overall anyway..
..and I just love those hubcaps.. !

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