Tuesday 19 March 2013

The Beige..

An unmolested Silvia. Always phenomenally refreshing to see, regardless of a very uninspiring color-combination.

1989 S13 Nissan Silvia Q's.
Two-Tone white over beige/gold.

The original Teardrop alloy wheels.
Would look even better with a simple repaint; but are in great shape for their age.

Not quite the top model for the Silvia (logically being the K's..); as this is the non-turbo car..

..powered by (for 1989, being the the last year before the SR's introduction to the Silvia) the CA18DE 1.8litre twincam 4.
A bit of a scrub in here surely wouldn't hurt!

...and because no, beige on brown will surely not be too intoxicatingly earthy..
..we have the matching brown interior.

Despite the somewhat dreary interior colour, its in great shape, and - ignoring the accelerator pedal - appears to be totally original. Stock is always easy to appreciate - a blast from the past, and how it would have felt like to be in when new.

Turbo or not.. the 5speed would still no doubt let it be pretty fun to punt around in.

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