Thursday 30 November 2017

The midschool Villain's oldschool at heart..

From council hard-rubbish pile to patina-riffic steeze machine: a 1999 (July 1997 production) "25th Anniversary" Mongoose Villain. Basic WD40-wipe-down from top to bottom, tyres scrubbed and conditioned, new tubes, new chain, some thorough re-adjusting, and it's back out on the streets; a rusted-out decades-old Mongoose has no right to roll so damn smooth..! #onepersonstrash #isanotherpersonstrash #butawesome #mongoose #mongoosebmx #mongoosevillain #mongoose25thanniversary #mongoosebikes #midschoolbmx #oldschoolbmx #vintagebmx #1999

The "25th Anniversary" Mongoose Villain.
A thrashed out old bunger that I genuinely didn't expect to like as much as I do!
As I mentioned in the Instagram post above; I stumbled across this recently on a council hard-rubbish collection pile just up the street - a parent cleaning out what was pretty clearly a late-90s kid's things.
Now I already have enough damn bikes (and was riding past on another at the time!), but argh.. there was just something about it that just seemed worth saving. The style.. the originality.. the patina...

Home with me it went.

Had no intention to do anything more than a quick spruce up and a few adjustments, changing just enough to get it back out on the road once more.

The crusty old (original!) tyres could be scrubbed and conditioned enough to work; but new tubes, a new chain, WD40 and some grease later... we're in business!

I invested in a pair of the finest $1 plastic bar-ends when I was next at the shops.. that says it sat it one position for a loooong time..
No complaints here! If I had to pick a side to let fade, that's the one!

It may be because this bike instantly nabbed the easy-access parking spot right next to the back door, but it's been my go-to daily ride for the last few weeks now!

Love it. Certainly no regrets helping this one dodge a bullet!