Tuesday 25 November 2014

A little Emotional..

Picked up a really neat set of these a couple months back, and a brochure to match..!
Work Emotion
14", Full Reverse mounting
2-piece welded construction
August 1986

Marked as 'Ewing - Emotion' on the centrecap; so may have sat as a sub-model of the Ewing range. However it isn't listed as such in the Emotion catalogue, while also getting no mention at all in the period Ewing catalogue..

The Emotion name later became a sub-range of models from the late 90's to present; with wheels such as the CRkai, CR Kiwami, 11R, XT7, and XD9, all using the Emotion name.

Anyway, the 80's Work Emotion in detail..
Caps, collars, collar screws, plates, and plate retainers..

Wheel centre plate. Annoyingly just out of focus, but the hole on the opposite side is to locate the plate on the collar..

Like the Ewing ones I wrote about recently, these are plastic. No provision for a locking mechanism, and like the SSR collars, these can only be mounted in one position on the wheel face..

The cap. Basic chrome-plated plastic, but so pretty with the black centre area with light blue text. I wish they were locking caps.. or cast metal.. but this is just how they are. Look too good regardless..

The centre, tapped for the cap-mounting collar.

Collar on.

Plate on.
The collar only mounts in one position, and the plate has the locating pin hole; so the plate is cleverly locked in one position on the face of the wheel.. not just lining up with the spokes.

A retaining clip holds the plate down onto the face, with the clip sitting in a groove on the collar.

Cap on. Its a really nice looking centre..



Nice electropolished finish on the entire barrel, perfect weld, and good paint coverage.
Curious what the reason behind the 2-piece construction was, compared to the 3-piece setup used on the Ewing..

1986 Catalogue for the Emotion.
Really nicely printed, and naturally full of the some of the coolest cars in 1986.
An early BMW M535i on the cover suits the euro image of the wheel..

HR31 Nissan Skyline Passage GT.. with the TWIN CAM TURBO RB20DET...

EMOTION trained on the URBAN ROAD. It has refind expression and prepared suitable road.

..I think that'd be refined... but as for how you refine an expression to prepare for a suitable road..?

In the lower right corner - the 14" full reverse as posted above! Standard colours for the 14" are white and silver, with gunmetal and chrome optional..

I love this page.
I'd say this is showing a compass was the inspiration for the design. Fair enough - yep, I can see that.
..But damn, I'm still waiting for that point in my life - just sitting at a polished wood desk.. with a compass, pencil, map of Munich.. and a random wheel sitting right over the top. Killing it.


Specification and price list for 1986.
available in 12" full reverse; then a larger face used in the 14" full reverse, and a larger face again used for the 15" (full reverse) and 16" reverse wheel.

The price list shows the 4x114.3 6JJx14 +40 Emotions above were 37,000yen each in 1986. Not particularly cheap.
For comparison; the Work Ewing and equivalent SSR EX-C in full reverse 1460 +40 were both also nearly 40,000yen a wheel..

One last picture of the outer brochure/catalogue cover. White M535 spread over both pages.. printed on matte paper with chrome lettering. So rad.

Done. As always - damn that took a surprising amount of time!

Friday 21 November 2014


'new' wheels for the '84 4Runner..

SSR (Speed Star) Auswuch
15x7 -13
Three-piece, forged centre, and factory anodized gold faces - one of MANY colour options available over their 10+ year production run.
Not quite sure who, what, or where an Auswuch is; but it sure sounds German - and why wouldnt that be a totally appropriate name for a sub-family of off-road wheels from a Japanese manufacturer...?

Regardless of the odd name, I love these.
I've actually been sitting on them since the start of the year. Couldnt bring myself to take of the sweet, blingin', factory chrome 16" jobbies..

So glad I finally did though - couldnt be happier with the colour and fit..

.. and the white-letter tyres. Always time for that.


Sunday 16 November 2014

The light blue Z31...

Very cool 1984 Z31Nissan Fairlady Z (300ZX) that was recently for sale. Warmed-over thoroughly by (as far as i can tell...) a shop in Japan called three-piece.

1984 makes this the second year of production for the third generation of Fairlady Z.

Definitely appreciate that this aftermarket front-bar retains the black belt line..
The Z31's popup headlight and recessed bucket area is such a cool look... raised or lowered..

Love a three-piece wing..

Wheels are low-offset 15" Watanabe R-Type, with non-standard gold centres. Caps would've been nice, but the red logo might have brought a few too many colours to the party...

As i've whinged about before; a wider wheel (rather than such a low offset) would've been nice.. but where the hell can you get wide 15" tyres anymore.. :(

Overall a GOOD look regardless. Low and wide.

Not much in the way of interior pics, but the one we do get to see shows there was likely minimal wear throughout. aftermarket (90's-era?) Nardi wheel, aluminium knob, and headunit...

And no engine bay pics either.. so whether or not the compact 3litre VG30 V6 is particularly photogenic, or a likely not-quite-colourmatched bay.. I dont care. The bonnet can stay shut.

I just like the blue.

Wednesday 12 November 2014


Same day, and only meters away, from where the Porsches in the previous post were parked..

A red Testarossa. Customary rear-end shots are absolutely required.

Spot on.

Friday 7 November 2014

A bit of 80's Porsche from Motorclassica 2014..

A couple interesting cars from the Porsche club display outside Motorclassica 2014. 
These were amongst a ton of great cars in that club's display.. but these's two you just dont see often (and being products of the 80's makes them obviously relevant to this blog..).
Same Marque, opposite ends of the decade, and really not a whole lot in common..

First up - a 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster. The low-screen version of the 911 Cabriolet.. and a throwback to the 356 Speedtser from decades before.

Available in both standard/narrow and widebody/'turbo' look. This car is clearly the latter.. and is by far more common.. for obvious reasons! 

The low screen looks awesome with its heavily radiused edges..

The large rear cover is also very neat compared to the standard car's cabriolet top..

Red over tan, with colour-coded interior details. Its definitely loud.. and I love it so much for just that. 

First time I've ever seen tan gauge faces too?

Next up, A 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT.

..introduced the year before; as the flared, intercooled, racing homologation version of 1978's 924 Turbo..

Love the 'Carrera' down the front driverside fender/quarter panel.
The offset NACA duct and nosecone vents were standard 924 Turbo fare..

The subtle PORSCHE in the rear spoiler is a great detail; but that rear quarter view really belongs to those wheel-arch flares..

..as damn do they look cool.

As I said; totally different types of 80's Porsche. One I'd love to cruise in, and one I want to drive hard - as very likely they were both originally intended!