Sunday 31 March 2013

Edited for addtional moodyness...

Lil' Red - the 1987 AW11 Toyota MR2 - in the rain.
Wish I was there again..

Friday 29 March 2013

True 180SX.

Like I wrote when I last posted pics of one of these; damn it is hard to find nice early 180sx'...

This car is a very original, 1989 build car. First year for the S13 180SX, and a short time after the Silvia it was based on was released..

Interestingly, it was only for the first few years that the car made sense of its '180SX' name. These models were powered by the 1.8 litre, twin-cam, turbo, CA18DET.. hence the '18' in 180SX. In late 1989, the SR was introduced to replace the CA series of engines; and by 1991, the 2 litre SR20DE/DET had replaced the CA18DE/DET in S13 Silvia/180SX applications.

The early CA cars have a unique look; with their twin-nostril front bumper, and different trims. Since the update came for the start of 1991, less than 24months after the original car, the early CA18DET cars are much thinner on the ground.
There's likely no argument that the later cars are much better; but its always cool to have something slightly different!

The always-strange seats - that had a similar style in many late 80's to early 90's Nissans -  look as though they're carefully shaped bean-bags!
Other than the generally great condition in here, the larger console lid is something I don't see to often. The Auto is a downer, but likely the reason for the overall condition the car is in..

what look to be compliance tyres (ie, terrible), wrapped around unknown wheels. Whatever they are, unless their chrome plated, someone has been very committed with the metal polish!

Thats all. Sadly there's no engine-bay pic..

Since it became cool for kids to buy them and treat them carelessly - basically having beater S13's - it makes me so happy to see one of these cars in good shape.
Regardless of the Auto; this car is in fantastic condition; and I really hope it gets to survive for many years as it is...

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Third, and last..

A very sweet, 1988 KN Subaru Rex (Combi Vicky II); Subaru's entry in the Kei class market, from the late 70's to the early 90's.
1988 was two years into the third generation of Subaru Rex; which charged on until 1992. Then that was it for the 'Rex' nameplate - but not such a loss when I've always known this model as a Fiori anyway!

I love the throughly-white paintjob, and light blue decals. The hubcaps are also fantastic. Super cute overall!

Those colourful decals proudly tell us that this is the 3-valve (per cyl) EK23 powered car, with the CVT Auto transmission..

 ... The 544cc two-cylinder pumped out a whopping 26kw!
While there was still an even more basic engine available (2v per cyl version of the same EK23); A higher-spec Intercooled Supercharger version became available from 1988!

Inside is plain - minimalist - but attractive as a result.
The auto is left as a bit of a shame really. I'd say a car like this - featherweight, tiny tyres, and a revvy engine (that 26kw is developed at 7000rpm) - would be a heap of fun to punt around.

Super clean example overall anyway..
..and I just love those hubcaps.. !

Monday 25 March 2013

Aussie Fairlady

Never a fan of cars on grass photoshoots - Its not a damn lawnmower!

But, we'll make an exception here i reckon!

Here is a perfect example of an Aussie 300ZX.
A 1987 Z31 Nissan 300ZX, Turbo, 2+2, T-Top/Targa, to be exact; and as fully optioned as they got.
These were on the market from 1984 to 1989, with the turbo models like this one being 1986-on. A car in this spec was very expensive in its day, at well over twice the price of a large family sedan. 

neat, original, aero wheels.

I'm not sure how I feel about the beige interior; but there's no argument about the condition. Its perfect.
Flash looking tape-deck and HVAC controls, electric aerial, digital dash... its deluxe in here! I love that gradually curving line over the horizontal 'Tach'. Having shamefully never actually owned an 80s car with a Digital dash, I'd be curious as to how responsive it actually was.
In saying that though; it could be terrible and I'd still love it..!

The 3litre V6 VG30ET. SOHC, EFI, and a single Garrett T3 Turbo. This would have produced somewhere between 150 and 170kw (200-230hp), which either way, was plenty to move <1400kg along.
While still somewhat complex in here; it still appears slightly more serviceable than the later Twin-turbo, Twin-Intercooled, VG30DETT in the Z32.

I'm not in the market; but I'd sure like to go for a cruise in it. Targa's out for-sure.. :P

Friday 22 March 2013

Tea, the Leone wagon.

A car that I have a feeling I have been mispronouncing forever..

A 1988 Subaru Leone Wagon.

Well into production for the 3rd generation of Leone, which was introduced 4 years earlier. Available in Wagon, sedan, and an interesting 3dr coupe/hatch which I've never seen..

This car looks pretty sharp in a dark grey, and is in great shape for what really is a 'working' car. I imagine many of these spent their life in the scrub/snow, and have every right not to last 25years!
But its cars like this, that are all-the-more special when they're tidy.

I still occasionally see these around, as being a 4WD wagon, they're still genuinely useful. Subaru's have a fairly loyal fanbase too, so theres no doubt some diehard L-series/Leone lovers out there!

I've only personally been around one of these - in this case a light metallic green sedan owned by a co-worker. He had it for years without any major hassle afaik; and had held together well, other than some interesting tape-covered rust holes under the rear quarter/pillar glass.
It finally gave up after some carby(fuel!) issues. Had a small fire in the engine-bay after someone tried to 'fix' it.. and that was the end of that.

Interior/dash is fairly simple and attractive. Its well laid out, and looks good in a mix of light grey and black.
The most interesting aspect would be the HVAC controls on the left of the cluster there, which a particularly odd, diagonally sliding, heating/cooling control.
Heating/cooling control maaaaybe (! :P) doesn't need to be so close to the wheel and in the line-of-sight; but at least it leaves the the centre-dash/console area rather uncluttered.

Lots of legroom and original mats.

The powerhouse - The Boxer/Flat 'EA-82' four cylinder. 1.8 litres and a single overhead cam per side.
In classic Subaru style, the engine-bay is also home to the spare.

*..random air-boune AE86 in the background..*

Overall a pretty cool wagon. 4WD, Manual, different, and some of the coolest hubcaps I've ever seen (I actually saw one of these hubcaps on a Toyota Starlet today!)
Other than maybe wanting a touch of paintwork, this Leone is in great shape. Nice. :)

Tuesday 19 March 2013

The Beige..

An unmolested Silvia. Always phenomenally refreshing to see, regardless of a very uninspiring color-combination.

1989 S13 Nissan Silvia Q's.
Two-Tone white over beige/gold.

The original Teardrop alloy wheels.
Would look even better with a simple repaint; but are in great shape for their age.

Not quite the top model for the Silvia (logically being the K's..); as this is the non-turbo car..

..powered by (for 1989, being the the last year before the SR's introduction to the Silvia) the CA18DE 1.8litre twincam 4.
A bit of a scrub in here surely wouldn't hurt!

...and because no, beige on brown will surely not be too intoxicatingly earthy..
..we have the matching brown interior.

Despite the somewhat dreary interior colour, its in great shape, and - ignoring the accelerator pedal - appears to be totally original. Stock is always easy to appreciate - a blast from the past, and how it would have felt like to be in when new.

Turbo or not.. the 5speed would still no doubt let it be pretty fun to punt around in.

Friday 15 March 2013

Clean Coupe.

May not be a particulalry high spec variant, but so neat and sweet..

Its a *E9* (AE91) Toyota Corolla Levin ZS, as the decals on the bootlid suggest.
Its a 1989-build car; two years into production of the sixth generation Corolla.

Its an absolutely inoffensive little coupe.
I wish the C-Pillar was slightly thicker, and the door glass was frameless; but this look was popular in the late 80's to early 90's. The glasshouse is very similar to what you would see on same-era Prelude, MX6, etc..

The hubcaps, mudflaps, lack of skirts/aero, and generous ground-clearance; combine to make this look so innocent.

All original, and in great shape in here.
The cloth looks particularly hard wearing, and the impressively bucketed rear seats are nice too see in even the lower grade cars.
I wish the wheel and shifter were trimmed (seriously, in anything..); but the seats look comfortable (with lumbar on the driver), large clear gauges, and a roomy looking footwell. Overall a nice place to be!

The ecomony 16-valve A-engine - the 1.5litre 5A-FHE (EFI-S).
Not quite the 1.6L Supercharged 4A-GZE available in the top spec models, but at least you wont get into much trouble...
or.. at least its... economical?
Ignoring that; it sure is clean..!

Overall, it looks to be a really great example.
Might be far from the standard 'enthusiasts' choice, even for an E9 Corolla fan; but for whoever buys/bought it, it looks to have many many years to give yet.

Thursday 14 March 2013


For Motoring Enjoyment

HKS? It's a dynamic
combination of creativity--the skillful
manufacture of high-performance
automobile parts and the people
who design, distribute, and provide
technical services.
HKS MOTOR SPORTS SPIRIT. where do I find one of those blue polo's..

Wednesday 13 March 2013

..Made in Italy?

I've posted these pictures around the web a couple times now, trying to find information about my very odd set of Hayashi Streets.

But no joy.

I genuinely cant find anything about them online.. and am curious as to whether they were even made by Hayashi at all (i.e. made for Hayashi by other company)..

As a bit of back-information on this wheel - the Hayashi Street.
It has been produced by Hayashi in Japan since possibly the late 60's / early 70's. Its a 'copy' (or very heavily influenced by..) of a wheel produced by Italian manufacturer Campagnolo ~1967, for the Detomaso Mangusta. Later, Campagnolo continued to produce something very similar for the general aftermarket, ~1970's, as the 40802.

Here are some photos of the markings on my Hayashi's.. 

Interestingly, written different to the usual Hayashi Street; which have the text on the lower sections of the spokes.
The very outer lip of the wheel is also visibly smoother than your traditional Hayashi Street..

180' around the wheel from the other text..

Inside of the wheel.
The back of the spokes, and the whole mounting face, are almost perfectly smooth. Definitely different..

Date stamp - 9th month 1981?

A couple other markings, but mean little to me..

The wheels are 14x6, 4x114.3, +15 offset, with a 73mm centre bore.

Anyway, that's all for now.
Would love to know more about them..