Friday 20 June 2014

A late-80's Speed Star sampler...

Four interesting designs from my favourite wheel manufacturer, from my favourite era of their work. Its all in the details here...

SSR BANG VEC 1. 1987


SSR EX-C NEO, 1988

SSR McLaren International MS-1, 1987

Yep, a flashback episode.

..worth it though...

Sunday 15 June 2014

Gemini again..

Another excellent first-generation Gemini..

1985 PF10 Isuzu Gemini ZZ/R. A sports model of the first generation of Gemini; intrudced in 1981 after the mid-life update of this chassis. 1985-build of this particular car makes it very late production for the first gen cars - with the front drive second generation Gemini's launched later in the year.

Great shot of the slatted grille detailing and aggressive front spoiler

The lack of decals/badging is a bit of a shame; but otherwise looks fantastic in black..

..and is sitting really nicely on those wheels and tyres. Loving the simple looking exhaust too..

Interestingly inside is the same case as for the last Gemini I posted here.
Its not the same interior, but just as nice - I'm loving the seats and striped fabric.

One last shot of the G180W 1.8lire twin-cam four. This late, injected, twincam version of the regular 1.8litre Put out 130ps - a shade under 100kw - and drove the rear wheels through a 5speed manual.

Currently for sale at a dealer in Japan. Someone go buy it... :P

Sunday 8 June 2014

Hasemi S'5..

SSR Hasemi Motor Sport S'5 (S5)
16x7, 16x8

These are surprisingly much less popular than similar era SSR's, are comparatively common, and relatively affordable as a result..
..but with an introduction in the very tail end of the 80's placing it right in my favourite era of SSR, combined with the electron lock setup, quality detailing, and unique design.. well I'm definitely a fan!
This isn't the first or only set that I've had or still have, and I'm currently restoring a 15" 4x100 set in silver.. which I'll post a bit on later!

Detailed centre plate finishes a large amount of the spoke, with one of the fancier SSR electron cap bodies holding it in place.
This is the 'tall'/'FR' version of this cap body, one that is also shared with the SSR Bang-Vec models.

Interesting finish on the lip, which is given a rougly cut/turned appearance before being cleared as usual.
This style of lip and finish isn't common amongst this era of SSR, but I have seen it on at least the Star Magna before as well.

Just to go on further.. this also shows the reverse mounted face - a 15" full reverse face in a 16" barrel.
Since this wheel also supposedly came in a 14" size - something I've never actually seen - It would mean there is a face one size smaller than this, as well as another one size larger to be used in the 17" version of the wheel - the S'5R.

Very late days for this mid-late 80's format Speed Star decal. The format changed some time around late 1990.

Two period ad's, showing the wheel looking epic on a Gunmetal BNR32 GT-R.
Interestingly to see the 17" S'5R version is shown without a locking cap..

SSR Hasemi Motor Sport S'5.
Spirit on Speed.

Love it.

Saturday 7 June 2014

Intense amounts of want..

..and the ridiculous justifications in my mind trying to make it work..

1988 S13 Nissan Silvia K's Convertible.
First year.
Single-tone dark Blue. 
..and i want it.

That rare perfect storm of I love it, I can afford it, and I can import it.
Pre-1989 makes import to Australia a breeze; and at around 500,000yen, I almost cant get my wallet out fast enough!

I've ranted about these before, and clearly remember a near identical one that was in Australia for sale.. but hard not to again when I saw this one.

CA not SR? Auto not manual? Additional weight and flexibilty of the convertible over a hardtop?

..I just don't care.

I'm here for those lines, the lack of addtional aero, the simple single-tone paint.
This one is only complimented by some great period (okay, early 90's..) parts.

The familiar and almost standard-fare Kakimoto exhaust is nicely polished...

and the large diameter BBS RS look fantastic in an un-fussy silver with black caps and chrome hardware..

...and inside, to match those wheels? An incredibly gaudy BBS Steering wheel!
Don't even begin to think I'd be taking that out though..!

First time I've noticed the placement of the roof controls, which interestingly looks like you may have to lift and close a few things while you're standing there beside the car.

And for good measure, the pre-SR, 1.8Litre Turbo CA18DET four - looking impressively standard.

Unfortunately I'm just left feeling pretty bummed I cant buy it.
My main 'car' is a 4Runner that I love as much as I appreciate the practicality of it; and I already have two other unnecessary toys that may as well be attached to me somehow.
I may or may not catch public transport every day too...

I just dont have the space, the need, and would have to sacrifice something else more painful just to make it work..

Bugger eh..! :(

Monday 2 June 2014


1988 HR31 Nissan Skyline GTS.. something.

While it looks very much like a GTS-R - the highest spec, Group-A homologation version of the 7th gen Skyline - it is advertised as a GTS-X. So despite being the right year, colour, aero, badging/decals etc; I'm just going to have to assume it isn't.. its just not uncommon for these to be mocked up as GTS-R's..

So thoroughly coloured in the GTS-R-Specific Navy blue though... hmm...

This one has a few tastefully period modifications, and is looking great.
Its lowered, no mudflaps, exhaust..

..and nice low-offset Watanabe/SSR RS-8's - complete with caps!
Impressive to see these with so much lip.. a far cry from the usual 14x6 +40 I usually see this wheel in!

Inside we've got a pair of Toyota-spec Recaro LX-C's in great shape, and a momo wheel.

Under the bonnet, the first thing I notice is the absence of the GTS-R's unique RB20DET-R exhaust manifold; with an otherwise familiar red-top RB20DET being been fitted with a couple breathing modifications.

Regardless of what it originally was - this is a great looking HR31 coupe with a RB20DET+5spd. To anyone other than a collector, I'm sure it doesn't matter - it may as well be a GTS-R..!