Sunday 22 July 2012


Nice DR30 2000RS-Turbo! mostly stock apart from a Recaro LS, and HKS pod. 
Good things.
right colour, iron-mask front... and, while the sedans still rock my world,.. and the pillarless coupe!

those wheels. the awesome blood-panda two-tone. large gold decals.success..

 Really clean car. nice to see.

Going to have to assume someones jumped back in here with a can of red wrinkle-paint. the FJ20's never seem to hold onto that red for all that long from the factory, but shit they look nice wearing it. :)

Last of the Pre-RB Skylines.

Friday 20 July 2012

I love these..

not just this extra sharp Mugen kitted SIR, but any EF CRX.
the second generation CRX's.. they're awesome.

I still get such a big kick when i see these on the road. fkn day-highlight material here.
feather light (i think aussie (non sir) ones were a whisker over 900kg? practical like a Civic with the big glass hatch, but just a little more special. i always loved the abruptly cut-off tail.

BUT. looking at this one..
Mugen everything..!
CR-X is huge text down the side, classic DOHC rear glass stencil, Mugen MR5's, rear lip spoiler, Mugen MR5's, Glass roof..

... and mugen MR5's..
those lug-nut caps.. eeeeee...!

 now off to think about CRX's more.
..and later, ED/EF Civics - also horrifically rad.

Friday 13 July 2012

design details..

Spotted an old codge at shops today, driving about in a reasonably clean (very tidy other than odd I'm-getting-to-old-to-drive dints..) AR Ford Telstar Ghia.
It was sporting what would have to be one of the coolest 1980's OEM wheels..
Have a look at them!
Who cares about brake temps, when your wheel looks like a damn hot-cross bun!

It reminded me of the other cool wheels that this model came with.
It would be interesting to know who designed them at ford at the time, as they're all very unique and memorable for factory wheels..

How's about these ones? (usually these caps are hammered..!)


Better yet, one of my very favourites:
 ..the TX5 Turbo snowflakes!
I have a mate who still owns one of these, and i always admired the wheels. hell, i've always secretly loved the car!

thats all. :)

Tuesday 10 July 2012

.. they just disappeared..

where did all the N13 EXA's go?

I randomly saw one today, and reminded me how few i see nowadays.
I used to like them when i was younger too. small, light.. targa roof.. popup headlights...
okay, I know they're fairly wussy, being just a flexible (and possibly heavier!) N13 Pulsar, but its just a good old sportscar.
I occasionally see them at the wreckers, and do my usual 'i wish this wasnt here' work of shutting the doors and putting the targa panels back in (.. thats for some reason 20metres away in the back of a Camry wagon..). but even that is getting less frequent.

I like the unique handles. Frameless glass, and the unique slatted rear lights.
Im fairly sure they were sold in Australia with a non-matching rear hatch too. interestlingly, they were also available with a rear canopy section, like a little wagon of sorts. The 'Sportbak'

Loving the tiny little pressed steelies in these pictures. never seen them before.
This silver Exa has a rediculous 22,000km on the clock, and sports..
 ..a CA16DE/5spd combo. a CA18DE/DET would have been nice, but beggars cant be choosers!

Inside we've got some sports seats, a decently chunky facotry wheel, and some feckin awesome mats. Im big on interesting factory mat patterns..

Aaaaand there's that Targa roof. pretty sad when that's its 'thing', but what a gimmick it is! im down - its like a manly 80's convertible..

and thats it.
yep, a post devoted to what most consider a hairdressers car. i couldnt give a shit - i think its interesting! :)

gonna save a post on N12 ET/EXA for later. cos' ffffuu.. now they're damn cool...!

Sunday 8 July 2012

1986 Nissan Skyline - Impul R31R

Came across this on my regular internet trawling, about a year ago, on either Goo-net or Carsensor.
Yay for saving everything of interest..!

Its an 1986 Impul R31R, based off the early R31 Nissan Skyline Passage. Passage, as its the four-door Pillarless hardtop, not the regular sedan. Early R31 because of the upright headlights and 'afterburner' tail-lights.
I dont know too much about the Impul R31R, but i can see it has unique aero all round, the wing, the wheels, steering wheel, the grille, badging, etc.

Its very cool.
I dont remember it being a whole lot of money either - I think less than 1million yen. I could definitely see myself paying it, whatever it was.

Turbo badge on the back is a giveaway to the Turboed RB inside,
In this case, its an early redtop RB20DET. i love the cast 'TURBO' badge on the intake pipe there, and the adjustable Nismo strut brace..

Matching centre-caps..

and now, if we step inside, i introduce to you.. mintness..
Goddamn, have a look at it!
Impul wheel, clear console armrest, rubber gearboot, double din headunit... with an equalizer.. argh!
5spd too!
why didnt i buy this!?

The whole car is absolutely immaculate for its age.. its amazing its stayed so perfect for so many years.
Hopefully the current owner is keeping it as nice. 

Pictures courtesy of Fujicars Japan. :)

Saturday 7 July 2012

I made a blog..

..Because all the cool kids have one these days.

I love 80's cars.. and i love 80's japanese cars.
They're almost all classics now, but aren't seen as the usual sort of chrome-bumpered classic car.
They're special, and from an easily identifiable decade of car design. The more dated the better!
I'm in it for the 'whats a curve' lines, overly fussy dashboards, digital dashes, tape stackers, and graphic equalizers. vents, bronze tint, mesh headrests and overly informative engrish decals. Motorized spoilers, motorized airvents, motorized headlights, motorized foglights, and
as far as the eyes can see.

everything from the Nissan March Superturbo, to the DR30 Skyline 2000 RS-X Turbo Intercooler. AE86 Sprinter Trueno to the EP71 Starlet Turbo S.

Basically, I plan on ranting about interesting cars i find. all okay then?