Sunday 31 March 2019

The CONC Flying Dragon.

Another one of those posts I've been meaning to make for quite a while now, to the somewhat-alarming point it has already been five years since I took these photos! I was definitely in the process at the time in any case; that counts, right?! Ha - I get there eventually...

1986 CONC Flying Dragon, by Speed Star.
15" FR, 1565 ; 15 x 6.5" +19
4H 114.3
August 1986

Two non-directional face castings (depending on valve location) in one size only. Standard Speed Star three-piece (barrel halves welded) construction. Familiar 20 bolt pattern Reverse (15") and Full Reverse (14") barrels. Two colours. Two cap designs. Rare. Rare.
This tall-cap "FR" 15" version is seemingly the rarer of those two, too; no real surprise when the advertising I've come across (some shots below) highlights the Full Reverse 14" FF version in particular. I've genuinely only seen a handful of sets on the market in years of casual wheel browsing...

Despite the relatively simple construction for a Speed Star made wheel at the time (no Electron Lock, minimal size/colour options, non-directional faces..); there's still some great detailing and an absolutely brutal design from my favourite era of SSR. I've banged on about it before, but I really believe ~1984-1994 Speed Star produced some of the most unique and technically interesting wheels ever made..

...the photos above showing the channel for the red pinstripe, the hollowed out spokes and a face mounted to the barrel flange on delicate cast columns for air-flow between.

Some full page Option Magazine adverts from the period:
Interesting to see the 15" FR version and the main 14" wheel don't have the "飛龍" "Flying Dragon" sticker opposite the valve...

Black face, gold fasteners, 14" FF on a fourth generation EF Honda Civic...

...and what appears to be that same Civic alongside some racing equivalents at the track!

That's all for this one anyway. We're done. Hopefully you enjoyed the closer look at this unique old wheel..!