Saturday 29 June 2013


No, not that.

A beautiful, unused, set of SSR Tomcat's. Much much rarer to come across than the usual Colin/shark or Star Formula barrels, yet are an equally great design.
.. And they're new? how have these not been mounted after so many years?

14 x 6.5, and 114.3. Unsure of offset, but would look great on something like a KP61 or *E7*.

Production date stamped on the back is likely 1982 - They're comfortably over 30 years old, regardless..

Saw them on Yahoo yesterday; and after digging through pages and pages of SSR's, am struggling to find them again. So unfortunately no linkage, sorry. *
Seeing they were priced at a little over 100K yen, I wouldn't be too surprised if they're gone - hopefully to get a little tart-up, and finally be fitted to something..!

*edit - spoke too soon!
120,000yen. Good stuff..

Thursday 27 June 2013


Not my favourite example, but nonetheless an example of a chassis I love.

It's a 1989 WA(DA) Ford Festiva, built by Mazda in Japan since 1986, and sold in Australia (and most markets outside Japan) as the first generation Mazda 121. It was later produced and exported from Korea as the Kia Pride, and again (in export markets) as the Festiva.

This Ford Festiva version isn't the most flattering example of this chassis; with the large bumpers, tail-lights, orange indicators and different grille making the Mazda 121 equivalent look comparatively stunning!
Seriously, the 121 version is just so damn cute..

I can ignore easily look past these details, as this particular car has one of my favourite features available on the Festiva/121: The Fun-top!
As the pictures show, the 'Fun-top' (or 'Canvas-top' in this case!) is a large slide-back canvas sunroof. Reminds me of an old Fiat 500 or Citroen 2CV - the open roof just adds so much more.

For Australia, this roof option was genuinely known/badged/sold as the Fun-top, and was fitted to the top spec of 121 - originally based on the Super-Deluxe, and later the 'Shades'.
Although the Festiva version survived until 1993; by 1991 the little 3-door Mazda 121 Fun-top was gone, Mazda having replaced with by the second generation 121 - the Bubble.

Nowadays these cars are cheap as chips; but this lack of value makes finding a good one somewhat uncommon - you just have to keep an eye open..

..and that I do.
I'd jump on a clean, light blue, Fun-top Shades..!

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Silhouette, yet again..

Despite this all being a little R31-heavy lately, this was far too cool not to share..

A 1988 R31 Nissan Skyline Silhouette in very tidy and very original condition - The nicest I've seen in a while.

The upright front headlight area and rectangle tail-lights identify this as a series 1 or 2 R31 Skyline (1986-88), with the two-tone over silver (on a Silhouette) pointing it out specifically to be a series 2 (1987-88).
Differences between the Series 1 and 2 Silhouettes and the series 3 cars I posted about recently; include the front spoiler, the rear lip spoiler, red striping in the bump strips, and the pinstriping on the tail-lights.
The same awesome wheels are here, but with a little grey detailing to the centre 'lock' area.

This particular car is in great shape, and has an assortment of period accessories: Headlight covers, plate covers, rear louvre, roof racks, tow-bar, nudge-bar, weather shields... this stuff would be a crime to remove!

Original Bicentennial Vic plates (1988-only, and not reprinted) are a really nice bonus.

All standard S2/S3 Silhouette in here; and even without the most flattering photos, it is actually in very nice condition.

Only downside looks to be the addition of gas (lpg) at some stage; but is an easy fix. Really great to see the filler hasnt been cut into the rear quarter panels - instead added at the rear beside the towbar.
As is often the case with R31's however, the engine bay is spotless. The RB30E straight six here looks to be as good as new..!

Definitely one to watch though - a great example of a great colour on a cool car.

Sunday 16 June 2013

The EF9 Civic.

...aaand HERE we have a really, really, nice 1990 EF9 Honda Civic SiR.
Although the fourth generation Honda Civic's were introduced back in 1987, it wasn't until a late-1989 update that the awesome B16A VTEC powered SiR model hit the market.

Being the top-spec of EF Civic's, this car has a sunroof, different seats, power windows, a trimmed wheel, etc etc; along with the various bits of aero, pinstriping, and decals added to the outside.
Despite all this, it still managed to hit the scales at less than 1000kg.. so the performance was definitely there!

..and provided by the star of the show - what made it the SiR - the B16A.
This is the engine that introduced variable valve timing 'VTEC' system to honda's, and the basic idea of changing cam profiles to cars in general.
It helped the 1.6litre, 16valve, DOHC inline four develop an impressive 118kw at 7600rpm, and spin on to 8100rpm! This was driven through a 5speed manual, with the option of a Viscous LSD.
This drive-line, combined with disc brakes and double wishbones at all four corners, made for a very impressive car overall.

I'd love to take one for a drive.. and i reckon this super-tidy navy-blue one would do just fine..

Monday 10 June 2013

Group A DR30

Took these photos at the Classic Japanese Car Show in feburary last year; and finally dug them out to share..

The car is a Group A DR30 Nissan Skyline, a Gibson Motorsport built car raced in Australia & New Zealand during 1986/1987.

Absolutely spotless for an ex racecar!

The engine is the very factory looking FJ20ET, similar to (being a group A req.) what was found in the road-going DR30 Skylines - a 2-litre, 16-valve twin-cam four.

I love how short they've kept the intercooler/intake piping and coolant hoses. Seriously cool stuff.

A couple shots of the fuel system in the boot/trunk; and the the fillers through the boot-lid

A shot of the interior, which is bare save for a bucket seat, harness, extinguisher and cage. The Sparco wheel is a later addition. Shifting is done via a Hollinger 5-speed.

Such a cool car; and awesomely is still getting run today.

Friday 7 June 2013

Z31 Patina..

not as neat as some, but solid gentle patina.. and is pretty cool to me..!

The car is a 1988 Z31 Nissan Fairlady, which as I've covered when posting these cars before, was the last full year of Z31 production before its replacement by the larger Z32 chassis.

The outside is familiar kouki/update Z31 fare, with the exception of these perfectly suited SSR Formula mesh.
Not only do they look to be in great shape, and complete with their original caps; but they're afaik the largest the standard SSR mesh ever got!

Inside is mostly standard, other than this nicely worn Momo and cool blitz horn button. A 5-speed car too..

... and all powered by the SOHC, 3 litre, turbo, VG30ET V6.

ehh.. I'm just happy to see a used and still usuable 'classic' on clean SSR's.. :)

Tuesday 4 June 2013

AT the Honda Civic..

Very pretty little 1986 AT Honda Civic SI.

One of the third generation Honda Civics; produced over the 4 years between 1983 and 1987.

I love these, especially in 3dr hatch form (and amazingly moreso in as the first generation CRX!); and this one looks particularly light on its feet; with what look to be relatively chunky tyres wrapped around what are possibly Weds Sport wheels. It looks great.

Love the full-width rear light and garnish, and tall rear tailgate glass.
If you happen to miss the large DOHC decals down the side, or off-centre power-bulge on the bonnet; then the badge in the lower right corner of the glass lets you know it is an Si model...

..Which means its powered by the 120hp, twin-cam, 1.6litre, four.
The short bonnet is making that look a tighter fit than it is; but its far from roomy regardless!

..And a couple shots of the interior; showing this as a very tidy and original car all-round.
Comfortable looking seats, with matching rear bench and head-rests; cool looking wheel, and a nice tall shifter. good stuff.

If shopping for a classic 80's Civic; I'd probably buying an EF hatch for the little more parts-support; but this gets a lotta bonus-points for being different..!