Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Third generation Supra.

Always a pretty cool car, but seemed to absolutely fade away after the introduction of the MKIV F&F Supra...
The Third Generation Supra - the *A7* model - was introduced in 1986. Through its production life, it was always the hero car of the Toyota sports/performance range; it stayed around until 1993 when it was replaced with the MKIV - JZA80. 

This particular car is a 1990, and i believe is an MA70 model - with the 7MGTE Twincam turbo 6.
Impressively, this chassis was available with the G, JZ, and M block Toyota Engines; displacing 2, 2.5, and 3Litres respectively. The sampler of Toyota's straight-6, twin cam, Turbo engines..!

This car is representing the model nicely, with some tasteful-enough modifications.
There is aftermarket Aero all round, pearl white paint, a little lowering, Work Meister S1 3P's, nice tyres, and possibly a bigger brake setup for the front.

Two more..

I'd probably loose that rear bar, the drivers seat, and the monster tacho; but nice car overall.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Saw this the other day going through an auction in Japan; and saved the pics as its just too rare to see.

Its a 1988 Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg (C73A?); the top model for the third generation Mirage introduced in 1987.
I never see the hatchback ones any more, and had never seen a Cyborg in person.
Its a neat looking car though, with a large glasshouse and simple detailing. I love the wraparound wing.. 

WELL, lucky days..
..It just popped up at another dealer in Japan!
Passing Go, and collecting $200... 

A little bit of wear-and-tear, but its a very original car.
Still has the visors, and those awesome foggies..

I love that spoiler - despite the fact it would do absolutely nothing halfway up the glass like that! haha
The joined tail-lights with centre garnish was a late 80's classic touch..

Inside we've got some sports seats, neat trim, and a nice enough wheel.

5speed, factory tapedeck, and white gauges.

Nestled beside the console looks to be a vintage ULTRA Turbo Timer. Rad.

And finally, the point of the car:
The 4G61T, twin-cam 1.6L turbo; that looks to have been absolutely left alone. nice.

Definietely something different, and an interesting alternative to the more popular Starlet and Familia Turbo's  from the era.

If this Embed works, enjoy some frontie action..!
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Monday, 29 October 2012

Tommy Kaira M30

Although looking a little worse for wear, this is a very special R31.

This is the big brother of the one i posted recently, the TommyKaira M20:

The M30.

But what makes it so special?
Other than the fact its the first Japanese car TommyKaira breathed on, the drivetrain is what makes this car. It was produced with a very unique, Twin Cam, 3 Litre, RB straight 6 - the RB30DE.

Instead of heading off to Australaia to be fitted to Nan's GX Wagon; This RB30 block stayed in Japan, where it was paired with the Twincam head off the 2 litre RB20.
Along with some careful machining, better pistons, cams, and a beautiful exhaust manifold; the non-turbo RB30DE creation pumped out 240hp @ 7000rpm! VERY impressive for 1988, and surely wouldve been grunty to drive.

This car is currently for sale in Japan, and not surprisingly its the only one available. you may aswell go ahead and ignore any wear-and-tear, as these are quite rare, and always desirable.
..Beggars cant be choosers!

Basically the same deal outside as the M20. GTSR Lip, paired with tommykaira-specific wing, badging, wheels, etc.

The Twin-To-Single TommyKaira tip..

While not immaculate, the car does appear to be very original; which is lucky with your dealing with painful to replace parts.
The paint could well be original, as it looks to be sporting its Tommy Kaira side-stripes.

Inside is again neat, little worn, but all there.
Someone has punched a couple gauges into the dash at some point, a pair of aftermarket headunits, and some pedals.
But all there.
all there.
all there.
...including what look to be Tommy Kaira mats!

Star of the show.
The RB30DE. Similar detailing to the M20's bay.

I'm going to go ahead and ignore that pod..

Tuned Skyline
Only for you!

Just bloody awesome. I love it.
My hands are itching to restore it..

Brochure pics courtesy of:

Sunday, 28 October 2012

After a hard days work dealing coke...

..relax by hitting the town in your 1986 Rinspeed R69. The most ridiculous of ridiculousness, based on a flatnose 930 Porsche 911 Turbo.

This thing is absolutely brutal. Seriously, for when you couldn't decide between your Testarossa and your Turbo 911..

The 944 Tail-lights and Testarossa-esque side intakes are coated in an eye-burning hot pink..

..complete with colour-coded Rinspeed 5-spokes.

Inside is just as wild, and covered top-to-bottom in cream/tan leather.
The Recaro Idealseat C's have full electric adjustments, with the buttons on the lower bolsters - there couldn't have been a more fitting seat for this application.... as with everything else; these were top-of-the-line in their day.

Blaupunkt CD and Cassette units..

And that wheel. Just. Wow.

Ignoring the temporary Datsun floormat, its a damn party in here.

How much ABOVE the cost of a regular 930 this would have been.. its just mind blowing. This was a premium car back in its day, that someone who i can only assume was off their face at the time, ordered in the loudest colour/trim/option combination. Truly ridiculous.

I love the fact this thing hasn't been wrecked - it remains as a time capsule of 80's excess.

I saved these pictures off Ebay USA 6-12months ago, and hope it went to an appreciative new owner.

Friday, 26 October 2012


This blog has had over 1000 visits now..! :)
It may only be 7 people, and the google-bot 900 times; but hey, who cares. :)

In celebration, one of my favourite 80's design standards: The pop-up headlight.
It may have been around since the 50's in one way or another, but it really came on strong in the 80's.
Although it was still around in the 90's, it was well and truly gone by early this century. It'l probably never come back for pedestrian-safety reasons, but we can always look back at the 1980's and laugh at the ridiculousness of it: Its a bloody light mounted to a motorized panel! Aerodynamic when closed, horrific when up...
..popups.. i <3 you.


Wide, Brown, 1986 GX71 Toyota Cresta Super Lucent.
I keep posting pictures of them, but they're cool. Cresta/Chaser/Cressida/MarkII are reliably and consistently awesome to search for. Theres always fun...

This one has some fairly wide aero, with agressive flares..

Lots of flare. Plenty Flare. Flare for all...

Under that are no surprises. Wide SSR Longchamp XR-4's.

The mirrors are worryingly odd. I like them with the Chrome mirrors they sometimes have, but meh.
more interesting are the bonnet vents in the background of that shot..:

They remind me of the bonnet vents off an A2 Celica..!

Nice to see the badges make a return after the repaint.
both badges are pretty cool. I've always been a fan of large decals instead of badges, but the script is pretty cool..

Recaro SR for the driver here. Its not faded either - they genuinely came in this grey..!

Cool stuff. Again. :P