Sunday 30 August 2015

Coffee table life - Rays Engineering style..

Deja Vu? Almost a repeat of a previous post here; of a Southern Ways / Epsilon mesh Coffee table..

Rays Engineering, Volk Racing Mesh.

Amazingly similar to the 16x14J Southern Ways posted above, and very likely from the same era.
Whereas with the Southern Ways I was 99.8% sure the wheel was originally built with full intention of it being a table (size, quality and fit of the glass, and the lack of valve hole); there is absolutely no doubt with this one.

Not only is there again no valve hole; but the face never received any markings on the back, the 'decals' are actually printed on the reverse of the glass, and (however it was done..) the lip rolls 180degree's back on itself to trap the glass against the lip - it cannot be removed!
Every part here was made 30years ago to sit exactly how it does today.

It'd be interesting to know how this came to be. Maybe they were offered for sale alongside the wheels? Maybe as a promotional item? Given to dealers?
I'll definitely keep an eye open for others, which might help shed a little more light on things..
Light & Tough! Volk Racing with Racing Spirit.

Standard Volk mesh face in gold.
Sadly age and careless storage at some point has damaged the paint and fasteners..

Its definitely not easy to photograph, but hopefully this shows the rolled lip..

The text is on the inside. Stencilled and painted? Printed?
There interestingly feels/sounds as though there are two layers to the glass/plastic..

Back of the face. No casting size marks, but has been drilled and has nut inserts.
Corrosion again..

No sealant joining the barrel halves, and neither half was ever drilled for a valve hole..


Just more fun interior clutter.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

The little yellow Suzuki was not quite Swift enough..

Saw this poor little thing at the wreckers the other week - a 1985 AA51S Suzuki Swift 1.3 3dr...

First generation of Swift (Cultus) sold in Australia from 1985 through to 1988. This model was also sold here as a Holden Barina in 5door form.
Both are very rare nowadays, and I just about never see a 3door - which makes it such a shame to see this one here. It was relatively solid and complete, but just worthless.. and likely still only has a very small fan-base.
Its day will probably come one day; but no doubt too late for this poor little yellow example..

This model seemed fairly high specced; with a 1.3litre, 5spd, spoiler, skirts, etc..
Neat little Suzuki-branded mudflaps there, and a rear wiper is fairly deluxe for an inexpensive commuter in 1985.

 Those multi-piece skirts. Neat.

Period(..ish) 13" Australian alloy wheels, replacing what would have been basic 12 or 13" steel wheels. These were made by a company called Delta from memory?

Bit of junk in here, but otherwise all seems rather complete and repairable. Relatively modern looking dash looks around 5 years newer than the car; while the large, un-sporting, two-spoke wheel about 5 years older!
Again, 5speed manual is a bonus, as is the tacho-equipped analogue cluster.

Loved this detail, which was something I had embarrassingly never known!
The Suzuki badge on the bonnet...


..releases the bonnet catch! Urgh, such a nice detail.

Under that bonnet; the G13A 1.3litre four. This single-cam, 8valve unit produced ~50kw, driving the front wheels.
Mightn't seem like a lot, but then remembering the kerb weight is likely around 700kg..


Its no GTi; but could have been a nice project (different, solid base, good colour, nice spec, etc). Sadly that ship has likely sailed for this one...

Sunday 23 August 2015

Ski-trip optimism..

..almost missed a winter without having the damn ski-racks on.
Can't have that!

Doesn't exactly snow here, as in.. it doesn't snow here.
..and I don't have any Ski's.
..or know how to Ski..
..but damn it looks sweet. Innocent optimism for a little snow.

Wednesday 19 August 2015

BBS, Porsche; 956...35102200..

Old Porsche 956/962-era BBS I've had for a while now..
Only a single rim; with no tyre, no aero fan/cover.. but it has some great patina, and I adore the car that (I assume, and am happy to continue to imagine..!) it came off.

Lacking much more in the way of information on this, I'll just get straight to the usual: the wheel in detail...
Part number 0259003

Centrelock on the magnesium face.

Threaded inserts into the face for mounting of the aero cover.

General 'character' and marks.. which only add to it for me. Could well be from 30 years of poor storage, but no.. nope.. they're 'battle scars'!

BBS lip decal.

Made in West Germany.

Small statue logo..?

Bit of wear and tear to the mounting face.

Rothmans 956.

And a link to another odd racing BBS I posted about a couple months back.


Saturday 15 August 2015

The TE71 Sprinter - the top of the KE70-based tree..

Neat and tidy example of the top-tier of the fourth-generation Corolla range.

1981 TE71 Toyota Sprinter GT (1600).
Sprinter being Toyota's more sports oriented variation of the Corolla, and the GT 1600 being the highest, twincam-equipped variation of that.
Available as a Sedan, Liftback (the body style sold in Australia as the T18), Hardtop, and Coupe (fastback); with this chassis also the basis of 3 and 5door wagons/panelvans under the Corolla name!

Smoother tail and C-pillar treatment than its Corolla-sedan cousin. Different rear guards, roof, rear pillars, rear doors, boot lid, tails, rear panel, etc. Impressive work, and now almost reminds me of a early Leone sedan at first glance!
I'd say I prefer the somewhat sharper lines and slimmer tail-lights on the Corolla, but this is something different.. all the while being a little more painful for parts replacement.

Scene 20.
One piece 14" alloys replacing the factory fitted styled steel wheels and dress rings..

Sprinter GT badging and a TE71 chassis code leads up to the injected 2T-GEU sitting in the bay.
Displacing 1.6litres and even more oversquare than its successor the 4A-GE, with a two-valve-per-cylinder twin-cam head designed by Yamaha.
Probably not so much the case 2T-GEU injected versions, but these 2T-G look great with a little detailing! Great looking engine at the very least, that also manages to make impressive power for its size/age. Cool.

Basic blue cloth fabric over flat seats, and a thin, large, two-spoke wheel - possibly a little plain for what is the most sporting of Corolla-based Toyota's; but the deep, hooded dash is nice, as is the classic ball shifter.. 
Crazy this car still seems to have the plastic on the door cards..!?

Currently for sale at a dealer in Japan, for <~1million yen.
..which as usual, I have no trouble justifying! Couldn't build up a nugget E7 to these specs for that. This is in great shape for its age (and claimed 200,000km!), would be a blast to punt around in, while also different to the usual AE86-chassis RWD Sprinters.

..and its got fender mirrors.