Wednesday 30 January 2013

Quarter to Ten...

Well more like eight to ten, but pah to specifics..!

Its a 1988 Porsche 944 (952) Turbo S

The model that took over from the 924 in 1982 (924 continued production past this date), and ran all the way until 1991 - at which point it was replaced by the 968.

This late Turbo S car is awesome. Its a very different colour to the usual red/white/black, and looks extra special because of it.
The US-Market reflectors are a bit naff, but being a US car (for sale on ebay USA atm btw), thats just how it has to be.

..Turbo from what i hear..

Always liked these. A good basic FR coupe/hatch, with large displacement 4cylinders.
Interestingly, it also seems to be where mazda got the 'inspiration' for the FC, S4/S5, second generation RX7. Both were also available in a similarly styled convertible too..

This particular car has a strangely awesome interior..
The Maroon/Burgandy cloth compliments the exterior colour perfectly, and the pattern on the cloth is just fkn brilliant.
Yay for Porsche for always having such great trim patterns available. 

As you can see in the pics, this Turbo S car is a 5speed to boot, and original right down to the Blaupunkt headunit. Fkn fantastic.

Not Japanese, but an 80's classic nonetheless. sixteencandleslol.

Friday 25 January 2013


Something different here, and being a great example helps..!

Its a U11 Nissan Bluebird SSS Hardtop.

Just another one of those odd 80's Nissan/Toyota/Etc Pillarless hardtop sedans. I've never owned a pillarless sedan, but always loved the look. It takes my love of frameless glass, one rediculously healthy step further..!

The U11 had a long run for a commuter-sedan - from 1983 to as late as 1990. Sold in many countries, but not quite in the SSS Turbo spec...

..which is fitted with the CA18DET, a Twin-Cam 16valve 1.8Litre Turbo four.
The CA18DE* has a very recognizable cam-cover.. and it familiarity makes it look odd in a East-West FWD configuration!
Interestingly, the U11 was the introduction of the FWD Bluebirds.

Through those pillarless doors..:
Inside is fantastically original. The wrap on the wheel is odd, but no arguments here about the wheel itself! I'm loving the striped pattern on the seats too.
Original headunit and a 5speed are icing on the cake.. :)

Not a car/model id personally hunt down, but its definitely quirky/interesting/different, and something you could easily like.
All good things.

..and headlight wipers. :P

Saturday 19 January 2013

Jimny Again..

A 1990 JA11 Suzuki Jimny Hardtop.

Turboed, intercooled, 660cc of 4wd'ing wonder.

I love these. Especially in the hardtop/roofed form.
This one looks cool with the skinny yellow rally mudflaps, stock wheels, and simple white paint (with some colourcoding of handles/mirrors..)

..and a slight lift.
The lack of flares makes it look even cleaner.

The later grille doesnt bother me, but I really prefer the original front with the Jeep-style grille.
I like the look of that bar and foglights though. :)

Nice and tidy inside.
Only obvious addition being a wood rim Nardi Classic, which is absolutely fine by me! love that wheel.

Anyway, this is just one of many Jimnys on the market in Japan. Obviously still a favourite choice of 4WD there.
There are still plenty of Sierra's/Drovers in Australia too. They are often pretty worn out, as they get used hard. BUT, are simple and easily fixable.

Just a cool little 4WD. 

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Chome-bumper Corona...

Nice and basic, and looking neat for its age.
Its a 1979 TT130 Toyota Corona. 
The T130 Chassis went on until 1983.

Very neat, inoffensive, 3box sedan.
I still see enough of these around, and often some very savable 'projects' at the wreckers. 
This one looks great, slightly lowered on some Advan A3A's. Possibly a little sporty in style for this particular car/colour, but its hard to complain - I just love those wheels.
I reckon I'd repaint the centers (which someone looks to have sanded the red off) a matching burgandy...

Intesting red, striped, seats inside. Theres a little wear and tear (and it looks as though someone may have 'borrowed' this poor corona at one point), but all simple fixes.
The rear speaker boxes wouldn't be going anywhere though.. ;)

The Latin Crown.

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Neat early AW11

A nice, original, 1984 AW11 Toyota MR2 G-Limited.

First year for the AW11, and the MR2 as a model line - which continued on for 22 years.
Being a top of the line 'G-Limited', the exterior gets the alloys, skirts, wing, and roof spoiler.

I particularly love the lack of side-protection bump-strips on this car. It makes them look so refreshingly neat.

The mudflaps were optional on the Japanese cars, but suit the aero well.

One of my favourite parts of the AW11. the large, flat, boot/engine area.
I love the flying-buttress pillars, and the louvers are nicely done in the sheetmetal engine-lid.

The first generation of 4AGE.
Blue+Black lettered 16valve unit of joy.
Until 1986, this was the top spec engine for the AW11 (which from then had the option of the 4AGZE Supercharger engine).

Classic Pop-ups.

Neat Black-and-red cloth seats.
Being a G-Limited, it has the fully-adjustable seats, trimmed wheel, power windows, etc.
The TWINCAM 16 on the headrest is a cool touch.

Overall a solid buy; especially for a car that will be 29 this year. Time goes amazingly fast..

Thursday 3 January 2013

Perfect A70

Another immaculate late 80's icon..

Well, in this case its actually a 1992..
But, last year for Toyota's flagship sports car.

This is a 1992 JZA70 Supra Twin-Turbo, so has the 2.5litre 1JZGTE turbo six.

Since this particular car has done almost-no KM (supposedly 5k), the stock wheels are absolutely perfect - and look great!

Nice trimmed wheel and shifter, complete with cruise controls on the hornpad there.
The funky digital dash is always fun. Starting to get a little too modern here though..! :P

I like the original mats. the pattern is subtle, but interesting enough.

The factory black leather looks great, and very comfortable. The centers of the seats is done in a perforated leather.
what looks to be a third seatbelt in the back is more than a little surprising!

Anyway, another perfect example. Beautiful car..