Sunday 30 December 2012

Easy run.

A very sweet 1984 Toyota Hilux single cab ute.
A real survivor car considering its model and spec..

Very neat. Safe to assume its been repainted, at least in here..

This was advertised as a 1984, which would be very late for the third generation Hilux.

I'm not sure what engine is in this particular car, but it'd be something fairly low-specced. Safe to say itd be some sort of Toyota R-family inline 4. A very long-running engine family..!

Inside is just as neat, and basic, as the outside. Love the bench seat.
Interesting having the grey/black interior too. I would have imagined this would be brown - especially seeing the solid cream paint.

Great to see one of these has survived so well. Its super neat, and another car I'd love to own.

Grand by name only..

A 1984 F30 Nissan Leopard 300 Turbo Grand Edition.

Special in the world of first generation Leopards.
Although this model Leopard - the first generation of such - was introduced four years earlier; this was the first year for this variant.


Fitted with the 3Litre, VG30ET, Turboed V6.
As a 1984, Nissan's VG V6 engines had only very recently been introduced. This (basic) engine powered many performance Nissans for the next 20years, albeit not in single cam, non-intercooled form!

Always funny how short a V6 looks in a N/S configuration..

 Outside, we've got some period-perfect Work Ewing's.

Inside is a little tired, but brutally dated - as the best in 1984-luxury should be!

TURBO lights up? urngfh...
How odd is that Tacho layout too? love it. .


Friday 28 December 2012

Simple Levin..

Light modifications, and just about perfect to me..

A nice and neat, 1986 AE86 Toyota Corolla Levin coupe.

Sitting very pretty on these period-perfect colour-matched SSR mesh, complete with caps and relatively tall tyres. Just spot-on..

I still really have no definite preference with hatch-vs-coupe, Levin-vs-Trueno; but this Levin coupe is working well with this overall innocent look.

Perfect continues..
Very, very, clean AE101 Black-top 20V 4A-G install. beautiful stainless extractors, and polished open throttles are just icing on the cake.

This continues underneath. perfect.

And as to be expected, spotless inside.

I love this whole resto-mod style; where this car has been sympathetically enhanced - modified, yet leaving the overall original look and flavour.

I love the skinny tyres.. I love the ride height..
..and I'd f'n love to take it for a drive..!

Thursday 27 December 2012

..Sprinter? Is that you?

Interesting variation of the Sprinter. The AE92.. in sedan form.

A 1987 AE92 Toyota Sprinter GT sedan.

1987 was the first year for the sixth generation of Corolla, with a mid-year introduction. This is definitely an early car..!

I like the colour-coded mudflaps here. I still see the AE92's around a fair bit, but the little details on this one here just make it seem a touch more special.


.. and the TWINCAM16 engine that badge is referring to!
Its the second generation, red&black top, bigport, 4A-GE. Not as powerful as the later variations (of the same motor) fitted to later AE92's, but still a great engine. :)

Regular and tidy in here.
The burgandy floormats add a little spice, but yep, otherwise simply clean!
The manual windows are interesting, since i would have figured this spec (GT) would have had power, but ehh.. i like the manuals..!

Odd, but super neat.
would make a great low-key daily.

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Perfect Paj.

Here we have a Top-notch example of the first generation Pajero's.

In this case, a 1990 Mitsubishi Pajero Wide Super Exceed - a real stunner in two-tone champagne and gold.

This was the top of the Pajero's in its day, and gets those awesome flares. interestingly, this the the 3Litre V6 model - which seems to be a rarity in Japan nowadays. More often than not, they're the Turbo diesel...

This one has a FULL set of aftermarket wheels with BF-Goodrich tyres. I love it when they do the rear wheel to match.. its a little extra effort that is totally worth it.
I really like the wheel on this car too - it looks great. very similar to the full chromed 5-spoke wheel that could have been on this originally, but in wider, multi-piece, form. Unsure who makes them.
The chrome rear step is also in beaufitul shape. just fkn brilliant...

Back to the front, we've got more pefect chrome, and an unmarked (polished alloy?) bar supporting some large Cibie spotlights. very jeuro yah?

Inside we can see the V6 is mated to an auto; but thats no real issue.
The half-leather seats look to be in really fantastic shape; and what look to be original un-trashed mats..!

More perfect applied to rows 2 and 3...

Lastly, a couple pics of the generous factory sunroof.
..and i really like sunroofs...!
Interestingly, this size and location has stayed with all models of Pajero since. Its not too great for the driver, but hey, rear seat passengers would be all over it!

Anyway, just a brilliant example of the original Pajero. I absolutely love it.
Its a little dearer than the rest, but you'd be hard-pressed making a tired one as nice as this.
The one to buy.

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Silhouette inspired..

1984 DR30 Nissan Skyline 2000RS, looking brilliant in red on black..

..with some pretty wild DR30 Silhouette-inspired aero add-ons!

The coolest of the cool, Japanese 80's racecar. Just awesome.

Looks very 'right' on the car to me. No idea whether they're original accessories or not; but I haven't seen them before, and couldn't see anything with a quick search. I'd love to know..

I love the odd gap in the rear lip, complete with the raised transparent section. Never seen anything like it..!

Cant help but wish this thing was slightly lower; complete with some much larger, much more agressive, SSR EX-C (w/ aero covers). Too bad a complete set of EX-C's in the sizes I'm dreaming of, aren't exactly cheap..

The Black velour interior is in great shape. not sure about some of the later additions (cf dashpad? sony headunit, etc); but easy fixes!

Overall, another nice solid DR30. Ironmask in my favourite colour combo too.. ;)