Thursday 27 February 2014

SSR EX-C Fin Restoration - Pt.2

Continuing on somewhat from my previous post on these here.. Fixing up a set of old 4x100 SSR EX-C Fins.
I had bought these wheels with the intention (from the get-go) to re-barell these into better sizes. Fortunately for me, the EX-C use SSR's standard 20-bolt mounting flange pattern.. so I could simply browse the huge selection of comparatively-affordable SSR Mesh, until I found what I wanted!

As I had written before:
"These wheels are original 4x100, 14x6 +40, full reverse, complete and unrestored. Because of the high offset, these are the 'full reverse' style - and as a result technically have the standard 15" face.
..So.. reverse means that the face is mounted in what would be the back of the barrel, then full reverse as its the biggest face that could possibly fit."

SO.. I set about finding a set of 15" Reverse mesh. A high enough offset to have the valve behind the mounting face (these EX-C faces are the high-offset style, without the valve clearance), and with the full mounting flange behind the faces - 80's SSR style - to match a set of EX-C Mesh I have.

.. And this is what I found..

SSR Reverse Mesh
15 x 6.5 +32

Shopping for a basic SSR Mesh means I had the opportunity to buy the nicest set I could. The other search criteria I had narrowed things down a bit, but these ones were in great shape for their age.

The full mounting flange..

Always interesting seeing the 5-stud face design..

Manufacture date is spot on..

The slight oxidation on everything is from the cleaner I use. Its easier to pull these things apart if they're clean!

A short while later..
All apart, and neatly laid out becausewhynot!

The only part I'm after.. even the fasteners are no good to me. The SSR Mesh fasteners.. for whatever reason.. are larger and in higher numbers than most other SSR wheels.

Like it was meant to be, no?

The last part for me to strip were the plates that mount under the collar. On top of badly needing a repaint anyway, they were the wrong colour. I'm going for the full white face with black accesories, so off comes this paint...
Much neater. There's a few gouges and marks in these, but no issue. Should turn out nice enough.
Next up I'll show how I go about repainting these..

Otherwise, all good for now. These barrels will be going off to get the lips repolished, I need to chase down some new valves, organize getting the faces stripped and repainted, and so on..

Repost upon repost.. but 80's-spec EX-C inspiration again...!

Tuesday 25 February 2014


Oh, So awesome...

1982 Subaru Rex.
Second year of production for the second generation of Rex; and the first of the FWD for this little Kei nameplate.
These were powered by the EK23 550cc twin, and remained in production until the 1986 introduction of the third generation Rex.

While this car has some great details... such as the high stance over skinny wheels, four-spoke hubcaps, fender mirrors (that are so far forward they may aswell be on the car in front..) and large rigid mudflaps; its the colours that catch my attention.
Yep, I'm here for the epic paint and trim combination on this one.. and seriously... wow.

Looking great against the bright orange paint, are those fantastic gradient-orange decals running down the lower sides.
Yet naturally with a thoroughly orange and black exterior...

..inside you get... equally wild Plum velour and white vinyl combination!
Never seen anything like it.!

..Now just needs a ragtop added... ;)

Thursday 20 February 2014

Third gen Hiace..

This is stylish...

A 1988 *H5* Toyota Hiace Wagon - a Super Custom Limited (!) specifically. Very late 3rd generation Hiace in the luxo wagon trim.

This model was replaced the following year by the very popular 100-series Hiace..

This particular van is a little worn, but too cool to ignore. The grey-over-silver two-tone paint is an awesome colour combo, then add to that some privacy tint....

...and step lip BBS mesh; and yep. Nice.

Super Custom Limited in those decals there, also enjoyable.

I love the stacked headlights on the front of this, and the overall sharp front end treatment.

Tons of familiar Toyota parts-bin bits in here, all covered in a seedy 80's grey velour.
Electric everything, digital dash, centre-row arm chairs...
.. twin sunroofs, curtains, a small TV, and a plethora of HVAC vents, all combine to make this one very luxurious 80's wagon!

The only problem?

..The Y in the YH51G chassis code of this particular Hiace indicates that this is 3Y-powered. Basically the same SOHC 2litre that struggles to motivate my 4Runner to get out of its own way.
All of a sudden all those luxury bits n bobs seem like they might have been a little excessive..! Load this up with 8 people, pump the AC.. and I'm a little worried if the fiery 3Y-auto combination is even going to get this thing moving!