Friday, 20 July 2012

I love these..

not just this extra sharp Mugen kitted SIR, but any EF CRX.
the second generation CRX's.. they're awesome.

I still get such a big kick when i see these on the road. fkn day-highlight material here.
feather light (i think aussie (non sir) ones were a whisker over 900kg? practical like a Civic with the big glass hatch, but just a little more special. i always loved the abruptly cut-off tail.

BUT. looking at this one..
Mugen everything..!
CR-X is huge text down the side, classic DOHC rear glass stencil, Mugen MR5's, rear lip spoiler, Mugen MR5's, Glass roof..

... and mugen MR5's..
those lug-nut caps.. eeeeee...!

 now off to think about CRX's more.
..and later, ED/EF Civics - also horrifically rad.

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