Sunday, 24 November 2013

Turbo S.

More of one of my favourites, since a very neat one has recently popped onto the market...

The 70-series Landcru...err.. Starlet!

A 1987 EP71 Toyota Starlet Turbo S.
The top-tier variant of a model produced between 1984 and 1989 - this generation of Starlet on the market for the same years as Toyota's first generation MR2 and 4Runner/Surf..

If the full skirt and spoiler additions are too subtle for you; the large decals on the side are shouting to us that this is the 2E-TE, Turbo 1.3litre version..

Yellow headlights and fogs are cool, yet including 'intercooler' on the Turbo badge in the grille is cooler!
Only car to ever have 'intercooler' in badge (not decal) form? ha

Loving the wheel, cloth pattern, period Alpine audio, and that Kenwood (!) car phone.

..and along with the condition of that engine-bay; does a good job verifying the ~20,000km on the clock! Definitely not much use for over 25 years..

Great example of a car getting very rare these days.

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