Sunday, 22 December 2013

In good company, (MR)2..

Follow on from a recent post. Same dealer.. and another Toyota!

I just love the nice clear photos this dealer takes. Same positions, nicely presented, and a great showroom. Its so cool to see an old Toyota surrounded by Porsche's, A Ferrari, a Bentley, and so on.

 To be a little more specific...

What we have is a 1988 AW11 Toyota MR2 G-Limited, Supercharger - the little 4AGZE-powered, Mid-engined wedge.

G-Limited, Suprcharger makes it top of the tree for AW11 models. This one was optioned with the automatic, while dodging the Targa-top option; with a couple accessories (the rear mudflaps, visors, mats) thrown in for good measure.

Impressively stock, except for the now very obvious colour-change. This JRG AW11 was originally red!

Despite the colour change, low KM means this car is actually very solid. The interior is near enough mint.. and overall the car appears to be in fantastic shape.

I guess the previous owner just got sick of the red..

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