Thursday, 16 January 2014


..A rarer find among the Mesh/Fin/Scope of the EX-C family. These ones are NOS, and as sharp as the day they were made!

Ingredients to assemble the wheel...

All these older SSR's conveniently come with two sets of wheel nuts  (12x1.25, and 12x1.5)

Centre cap, Centre-cap-centre-cap (..coin), and a key.

 Decals for the lip, and face of one of the spokes.

Exploded view just in case..

 Threaded collar screwed on.

Centre plate slips over the collar..

The locking/ratcheting cap. As usual, I just bloody love these.
Anyway - complete with rubber O-ring in the machined groove..

 Cap on, no coin..

..and assembled!

These are just super nice; and have a finish a level above even other SSR's of the same era.

Always a sucker for a machined face wheel..

Mirror finish polished lips; still shining a quarter of a century later..

Yep - September 1988. Would surely have to be early days for this design; but I just see too few to know!

This particular set is a 6.5", 7" stagger.. and would have looked killer on an early champagne/beige S13..!

Finished off with an interesting pad design, which definitely appears to have been done with 5-stud fitments in mind. First I'd seen of it!

Done. Love these!

Next up will be another car - I promise!


  1. Unbelievable. What a find... your taste in wheels takes the cake. I recently found myself some NOS Tom's racing dish from 93, but 1988.. wow.
    I can't bring myself to look at 114.3 wheels.. too much selection and no car to fit them!

    1. NOS Tom's aero wheels? ..That's awesome..!
      I've never owned a set, but definitely a wheel I'd pick up.

      I know the trouble I'd have if i owned a smaller early-80's car, with a 4x114.3 stud pattern. I'd probably have to change the studs every few months, and would waste more on tyres than I do on wheels now! They're is SO much choice.. and miles of epic designs.

      But stud pattern sure-as-hell doesn't stop me from jumping on anything I like, as I usually have no intention to ever fit them to anything! Many of these older wheels are too epic on their own to even need fitting to a car.
      As a result, I'd have a good dozen or two sets I can't or wouldn't ever fit to anything I own...
      ..only trouble is space!

  2. Space is definitely a problem, I agree. But i'm working on trying to remedy that by building a new house at the moment. And more importantly, bigger garage!
    I've probably gathered no more than a dozen sets of shoes, but tend to only keep 6-8 of those at any one time given aforementioned problem! Rest assured, the NOS Tom's Aero wheels are staying put haha. I also have a set of 14" Spirits, as I saw you display on some forum moons ago. They're just awaiting some love, like a lot of things I have laying about!