Monday, 7 April 2014


No, maybe not..

Fairly wild (at least colourful) N2-spec inspired, 1985 AE86 Toyota Corolla Levin GTV Hatch.

Based on an early GTV, The bright paint and N2 Aero are a bit of contrast for what is a rather high-spec AE86 - Not too many race cars have sunroof's!

Fantasic N2 flares, sitting over wide 14" SSR MKIII's.
The skinny economy rear tyres are a surprise, but presumably there for some low-speed tail-happy antics...

The interior is just-about complete, very tidy, and looking very comfortable.
Fixed-back seat, Suede OMP wheel... and plush (late Levin) floormats? Yep, that little daily comfort!

The bigport 16V 4AGE. I do get a kick out of seeing these with their original 16valve units - the later 20V 4A-GE's are an easy source of extra power and a popular choice.
This one has a simple intake, what look to be Trust headers, and some interesting trim work to the timing cover! Otherwise impressively clean in there..

Possibly a little lairy for most, but just as fun if you dont mind the attention!
Id personally break the colour up with some faux-vintage racing livery, and hunt down some wider tyres; but eh, good fun as is.

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