Sunday, 16 November 2014

The light blue Z31...

Very cool 1984 Z31Nissan Fairlady Z (300ZX) that was recently for sale. Warmed-over thoroughly by (as far as i can tell...) a shop in Japan called three-piece.

1984 makes this the second year of production for the third generation of Fairlady Z.

Definitely appreciate that this aftermarket front-bar retains the black belt line..
The Z31's popup headlight and recessed bucket area is such a cool look... raised or lowered..

Love a three-piece wing..

Wheels are low-offset 15" Watanabe R-Type, with non-standard gold centres. Caps would've been nice, but the red logo might have brought a few too many colours to the party...

As i've whinged about before; a wider wheel (rather than such a low offset) would've been nice.. but where the hell can you get wide 15" tyres anymore.. :(

Overall a GOOD look regardless. Low and wide.

Not much in the way of interior pics, but the one we do get to see shows there was likely minimal wear throughout. aftermarket (90's-era?) Nardi wheel, aluminium knob, and headunit...

And no engine bay pics either.. so whether or not the compact 3litre VG30 V6 is particularly photogenic, or a likely not-quite-colourmatched bay.. I dont care. The bonnet can stay shut.

I just like the blue.


  1. That's a great looking Z31. Of all the modern Z cars, the 31 is by far my favourite. Watanabe's suit them to a Tee.

    1. Few and far between these days though..
      Z31 would slip into second-place for me, right behind a neat stock Z32. Cannot unsee the blue one from Kill Bill..

    2. well sucks to have bad taste i guess

  2. I would like a rear wing like this one. Where can I buy it, and what's the name/part number?