Friday, 3 April 2015


A sweet little pair of new-old-stock Sharks I picked up some time last year..

Colin (Kyoho) Super Shark
13x6 +17
One-piece version of the much more common Star Shark made by SpeedStar (SSR) for Colin.
Like many of the wheels from this era, there were single and multi-piece versions offered of most of the popular designs; the single-piece case wheel made by Hayashi/Enkei/etc, and the multi-piece equivalent likely made by either SpeedStar or SuperStar.

I'd usually prefer the multi-piece SpeedStar-made version, but the tiny centres and slant lips on these just looked too cool, and in a condition too good to pass on..

The now-very-delicate, 33+ year old packaging.

Very familiar cap and valve - these are the same parts used on the StarShark version, despite the different manufacturer..

Original gold painted centre, with machined face and lip.
SHARK decal still as bright as the day it was made!

..aaand now; a couple pics of mostly-the-same thing - but with the wheel sitting in the usual photo position..:
 ..those spokes are SO sharp. Hit them with your fingers while trying to polish these lips.. its safe to say you'd notice...


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