Saturday, 15 October 2016


...What the hell could this post possibly have to do with Sean Connery and a Soviet submarine? Ab-so-lutely nothing. It's a movie with 'Red' and 'October' in the title.. I'm going to make this work.

So highlighted with a little D-grade humour and suspect Photoshop handiwork; here's some updated photos of Little Red, the 1987 AW11 Toyota MR2.. taken Saturday Afternoon, the 15th of October, 2016.

It's Little Red, in October...
..Red.. October, yeah?

Argh, forget it...

..and that's it for today's lot.

SO; news.. news...
..what's been happening with this lately?
Not a whole lot really. Slowly-slowly clocking up the kays these days, but have managed to cross over the 422,000km (262,000mi) mark. Since it's ~384,000km to the Moon from here (give or take, I haven't measured personally), that means it's only 346,800km until I can say "it's been to the Moon and back". You can see why that would be useful, I'm sure...

One small hiccup for those grand-plans this arvo (which turned that photo-session above into a whole joy-filled evening of waiting, staring at trees impatiently, and eventual tow-truckery...), it seems I'll need to chase down a replacement alternator. It had been playing up for a while, but finally brought the car to a I've-turned-every-damn-electrical-thing-off-what-else-do-you-want-from-me halt on the way home. Boo.
While I'm at it - and AW11 arse-in-the-air - I may as well sort out a new/refurbished starter. It's sticking pretty bad for quite some time.. and this combination of electrical fun, means starting when hot hasn't been.. uhh.. much of a 'thing' lately.

But hey; these are just things you deal with as a member of the one-way trip to the Moon club!

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