Friday 25 November 2016

Superlative Racing Dish: The Takechi Project Racing Hart D/spec..

Bridgestone DTM alloy wheels, styled after OZ Racing wheels used on the DTM AMG 190E....

..err.. actually.. *shuffles papers frantically*.. no, scratch that...

Takechi Project, Racing HART D/spec (D-spec)
15x6.5" +43
4H 100/114.3
October 1994.

A bit of early 90s Europe, out of early 90s Japan. DJGTCM!
1994 introduction (possibly some late 1993 production), basic single-piece cast alloy, 15x6.5 to 17x9"; and silver with black (more of a dark grey) text/caps, or white with red.
Far from the most original design; but these Racing Hart versions have genuinely become a bit of a classic in their own right.
I picked these up sometime late last year. Although only a lowly little 15" set; they were in a useful 4x100 stud pattern, wearing their original paint, and importantly - complete. Sets of these are so often corroded, and/or missing their centre-cap assemblies; quality's-quality, so always worth grabbing. If I ever got around to running them, then great; if not.. they're easy to move on.

It's been 12months so far....

Racing HART

Racing Hart D/spec

Superlative Racing Dish: a Racing Dish of the highest quality or degree...

The somewhat fiddly center-package/cap assembly; required for the uber-90s faux-centerlock look...

Cotter-pin removed, allowing the large steel nut to unscrew off the cast-alloy thread; the matte-black alloy washer piece then lifts off, to reveal the hex-head screws holding the main cap piece to the face of the wheel..

The centre-cap assembly.

Back side of the main piece, dated Wednesday the 6th of July 1994...

That matte-black washer/cap piece, dated the 29th of June 1994 - also a Wednesday!

The face without the cap assembly, showing the dual 4x100 and 114.3 patterns..

A couple detail shots of the back of the wheel; complete with cheeky HART logo within the (surprisingly-rad-yet-unnecessary) cross-hatch pattern.
Final production for the main wheel is dated 24th October 1994 - that was a Monday.

...and we're done.

There we have it: the 1994 Takechi Project Racing Hart D/Spec Superlative Racing Dish... in detail.


  1. I love what your doing with your blog. I hope don't stop this passion.

    I also need your help in identifying what kind of wheels i have at the moment. It's a 3pc design with Jawa stickers at the back. Looks like a work rezaxx but have a slight difference. Can i email you the pictures?

    Im from the Philippines btw and a big fan.


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