Sunday, 19 March 2017

Total Aerodynamics, totally: Rays Engineering's "Volk Aero" range... if Work's Equip aero range hadn't quite filled that wheel-manufacturer-branching-into-aerodynamic-accessories sized space in your heart:


...and an era-appropriate Flock of (digital)Seagulls.

Late-1984 Japanese magazine advert for the Volk aero accessories; featuring not only the then recently-introduced AW11 ("MK1") Toyota MR2 - fantasic in itself, and awfully close to my heart - but also what would appear to be one of three spoilers they made for the damn thing! 
Bonus points for the "Volk Racing 84C" decal on the rear window; sadly not quite making it into the shot, but just try and stop me using my imagination...!

Done. Enjoy.

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