Thursday, 10 August 2017

..and a similarly photograph-tacular record of the swim home.

..and as promised in the previous post; the next day's adventures teased in an Instagram post a little over a week ago:

 ..but the perfect weather didn't last, and woke the next morning for a day of driving on some *very* wet roads. Still, a great drive, and fantastic scenery - arguably as-pretty-if-not-prettier in the rain! Made it as far north as Nowra before I just ran out of time; at which point I simply (lazily?) climbed north-west up and over the range to cut off the Hume somewhere near Moss Vale, then rocketed the ~740km back down the Hume, home, for work the next day. Success.

So let's do it again.. a photographic fluff-up around a single post to add a bit of detail!
 ..kicking of with yep, as mentioned, waking to a view out my (very classy..) Motel room window of a very damp AW11. A brutal contrast to the sunny Sunday.

The sun setting as I finally hit the Hume ~60km north of Goulburn.. 

..and back to familiar roads at home.


All in all, everything went amazingly well.. particularly impressive for a car I don't get to use too much these days! Pulled out of storage and thrown straight into a ~1700km adventure, the little old Toyota did me proud.

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