Sunday, 8 July 2012

1986 Nissan Skyline - Impul R31R

Came across this on my regular internet trawling, about a year ago, on either Goo-net or Carsensor.
Yay for saving everything of interest..!

Its an 1986 Impul R31R, based off the early R31 Nissan Skyline Passage. Passage, as its the four-door Pillarless hardtop, not the regular sedan. Early R31 because of the upright headlights and 'afterburner' tail-lights.
I dont know too much about the Impul R31R, but i can see it has unique aero all round, the wing, the wheels, steering wheel, the grille, badging, etc.

Its very cool.
I dont remember it being a whole lot of money either - I think less than 1million yen. I could definitely see myself paying it, whatever it was.

Turbo badge on the back is a giveaway to the Turboed RB inside,
In this case, its an early redtop RB20DET. i love the cast 'TURBO' badge on the intake pipe there, and the adjustable Nismo strut brace..

Matching centre-caps..

and now, if we step inside, i introduce to you.. mintness..
Goddamn, have a look at it!
Impul wheel, clear console armrest, rubber gearboot, double din headunit... with an equalizer.. argh!
5spd too!
why didnt i buy this!?

The whole car is absolutely immaculate for its age.. its amazing its stayed so perfect for so many years.
Hopefully the current owner is keeping it as nice. 

Pictures courtesy of Fujicars Japan. :)


  1. My old man has just imported one of these to the UK. Needs restoring. Hopefully it'll be out for show season in 2021.

    1. Another Redtop rb20det in europe :) . If it's a genuine R31-R impul could you help me out with the partno of the Air flow meter?

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