Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The start of the 8th generation..

It was by mid 1989 the 8th generation, or 'R32' Nissan Skyline was introduced.
The wagon and pillar-less hardtop sedan body styles were now gone; a shame more-so in the case of the wagon, as I think that would have looked pretty damn good.
The R32 wasn't particularly 80's in design or feel any more - as you can imagine I suppose - but I love them too much not to sneak the occasional one in. Especially an early-build 1989 car!

This is a very early (september '89) HCR32 Nissan Skyline GTS-t coupe.

... and here it is again.. with the auto-spoiler down..

Its always fun to see cars like this totally stock. The height, lack of skirts/lip/aero, white paint, and no tint; just make this look so delicate.
I am so used to seeing the wider, lower, and overall much more aggressive; BNR32 GT-R (I admittedly can never have enough!), that this badly looks like its missing something. it just appears so slim down the sides..

Being a GTS-t, It has the top-spec engine below the GT-R - the updated ECCS RB20DET - Turbo, twin-cam, 24Valve, 2litre straight six.

Inside is in fantastic shape, with the bubble in the dash (a very common problem for the R32), and flaking wheel (also, very very common) the only real negatives.

Its no GT-R, but I'd say it only stands-out more because of it.

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