Wednesday, 10 July 2013

25 years..

Yet another very nice R31 Skyline..

A HR31 GTS coupe, which is somewhat special in that it is 25 years old this month..

 ..yep, July 1988 build.. so now considered (in some parts of the world anyway) a classic car.

Not much else to say about this particular car, other than the fact its very nice.

Well there's the usual GTS autospoiler; and the update projector headlights and grille..

The wheels - 17" SSR XR4Z's - suit the car well.

Couple pics of the interior..
..Headunit and shifter are obviously aftermarket.. but the rest is neat and original.

The RB20DET is likewise tidy and original.

Just a good solid example overall. ..and in my favourite HR31 body/driveline/colour configuration? Nice....

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