Saturday 29 June 2013


No, not that.

A beautiful, unused, set of SSR Tomcat's. Much much rarer to come across than the usual Colin/shark or Star Formula barrels, yet are an equally great design.
.. And they're new? how have these not been mounted after so many years?

14 x 6.5, and 114.3. Unsure of offset, but would look great on something like a KP61 or *E7*.

Production date stamped on the back is likely 1982 - They're comfortably over 30 years old, regardless..

Saw them on Yahoo yesterday; and after digging through pages and pages of SSR's, am struggling to find them again. So unfortunately no linkage, sorry. *
Seeing they were priced at a little over 100K yen, I wouldn't be too surprised if they're gone - hopefully to get a little tart-up, and finally be fitted to something..!

*edit - spoke too soon!
120,000yen. Good stuff..

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