Saturday, 10 August 2013

Super Supra..

Being a Japan-delivered car technically makes this a Celica XX, not the Celica Supra it was known as elsewhere..

In full, this is a 1983 GA61 Toyota Celica XX. Built in the second full year of produciton for the second generation of Celica Supra/XX's. This model ran until 1986.
This particular car is lightly modified, and it looking all the more awesome because of it.

The wheels are Work Ewing III's, complete with locking centers and properly chunky tyres.

The dark red interior always works very well against the silver exterior..
Ignoring the Italvolanti wheel and Alpine GPS unit (looking a little too out of place in my eyes!), and the overall clutter, the rest of the added audio is welcome to stay. I like the Alpine tape-deck and stacker in the rear hatch area; and speaker box/pod units are always rad.

Simultaneously separating it from the four-cylinder Celicas, putting the G in GA61, and the reason behind the TWINCAM 24 decals on the front quarters - the 1G-GEU twin-cam inline six.
This engine was only introduced one year earlier, and was impressive for its day. Despite being naturally aspirated; fuel injection, a 24valve twincam head, and TVIS helped the 2-litre six produce 119kw/160hp. In this particular car this is mated to a 5speed manual.

Cool car overall.
I usually prefer this generation of Celica XX/Supra with the extra flares and spoilers; but I'm liking this one just the way it is.

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  1. damn I miss my mk2's .. love how their i6 supra had 160hp and so did the i4