Friday, 23 August 2013


A great example here of the DA Honda Integra hatch.

This was the second generation of Integra, and was produced between 1989 and 1993.
This particular car is an early build, being a 1989.

 As the sticker on the rear hatch shows, this is the top-of-the-line (DA6) XSi model, powered by the B16A...

..Honda's impressive 118kw (160hp!) twincam VTEC 1.6litre four.
This was the first Honda vehicle fitted with this engine (also fitted to the updated Civic and CRX in the same year). Being the first of Honda's VTEC engines, this then is the first VTEC Honda. A claim-to-fame of what became a pretty big thing for Honda's over the following decade..

 Other interesting details on this car include the properly-directional wheels.

Sunroof, frame-less glass, and a rather attractive grey velour interior. B16A means a 8000rpm redline tacho, and there's a 5speed to row it along.

After seeing pics of the exterior, interior, and engine bay; its pretty clear this car is in really nice shape for its age. You'd have no reason not to believe the supposed 53,000km on the clock.
Its been for sale at a dealer in Japan for a while now, and surprisingly hasn't sold seeing the totally-reasonable purchase price. Good colour and drivetrain combination, good spec, good year.. whats not to like?
..hell, I'd happily drive a non-VTEC ZC-Powered one. Practical hatchback with folding rear seats, large glasshouse with thin pillars giving good visibility, nicely built, reliable and enjoyable drivetrains..
..May be getting a little old these days (to take the abuse, and the need to rely on), but one of these would make a great daily sportcar.



  1. Been going through your site for the past week now. Loving the posts and pics. Keep up the good work mate :)

  2. Hello

    I really like your Bolg, I've been going though all your posts so far. I also really like Japanese cars from the 80's.

    I drive a '87 Nissan Sunny Coupé (Known as Nissan RZ-1 in Japan).
    Here are some pictures of it:

    I want it to look like it came directly from the 80's /early 90's, so I will next change the steering wheel and the rims.

    Keep on postig about 80's cars :-)


    1. Thanks again, and will do!

      Never seen one of those Sunny's.. definitely something that was never sold in this market unfortunately! looks great, and in really nice shape.
      Sounds like you've got the right idea with it too. Keep it tasteful..! :)