Saturday, 14 September 2013


Almost continuing on from my last similar post here, we have another assortment of Honda's sub-tonne B16-powered boxes of awesomeness... the 1989-1991 EF9 Civic SiR

These cars have all came on the market in recent times, with a couple of them still available.
Teal green '90, on white SSR Type C's.
Beautifully clean exterior; de-badged, no wipers, and no side mouldings.. with the external bonnet/hood and hatch pins the only added clutter. 

A black '90, with a bit of red detailing. Makes me wonder how cool these would look in the old black/red Advan livery.
This one is much closer to original, and sitting at a more practical height; with chunky tyres wrapped around what look to be older Racing-Sparco or GAB-sports wheels of some sort.

White '90 with Motul livery, white buddyclub P1's, and a single-wiper.

Competing with the first Teal car in overall simplicity stakes, is this red/maroon '90 - also on SSR Type C's..

 Yet another '90, and another straight-pipe. This time on Volk TE37's...

Last one, and a 1990 build again. This almost Spoon-sports themed yellow car is sitting on SSR Type-X's, and has what is a J's Racing wing as far as I'm aware..

That's all I've got for now unfortunately.
Gotta love the old EF hatches!

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