Sunday, 22 December 2013

Heroes Racing..

Nabbed these off Yahoo earlier in the year: Aero wheel covers to suit the Heroes Racing CX-2 Mesh. While I don't actually own a set of these wheels - they're just too cool not to jump on.
They will tide me over until I manage to find the set of SSR Aero covers.. something no amount of searching has allowed me to get my hands on!

Took some OTT photos of the covers, so I can still look at in times they're not in my hands... because..err.. that's normal right?

...aaand here are those pics - the Heroes Racing aero covers in detail.

You're going to have to use your imagination on these last two..
Works for me!



  1. Hey mate, I managed to grab a set of Heroes Racing HRX(?) wheels. I'm looking at restoring them back to their former glory and just wondering if you know the different colour combination these mesh wheels & covers came in? The covers seems to be light gray in colour with silver face on the wheels themselves. Does that sounds about right to you. Very limited info and photos on the old world wide web. Thanks in advance! Pav

    1. I'm a little hazy on the specific difference between what people call the HRX, and the CX-2 (as above, and better shown here: From what I've seen on the CX shown in both FR (with a threaded cap setup) and FF (with screwed cap/cover setup as above) styles, as having a choice of silver or gold faces.. but both with the off-white (possibly considered light grey?) aero covers only.

  2. Thanks mate, yeah not a whole lot of info out there but I really love the look of the covers posted here so will try to re-create that look as closely as possible. It almost looks like there's a very light yellowy tinge to them (similar to championship white), would you agree?Or is that just the lighting in these photos? Pav