Sunday, 23 March 2014


Came across this for sale on Goo..
A 1989 Peugeot 205 GTi; the performance version of the small french hatchback introduced way back in 1983.. yet still running well past this cars 1989 build, and into the late 90's!
Yep, there obviously wasnt much wrong with this little rig!

This one has been thoroughly (..and tastefully!) modified for track use.

Hunkered down on bronze TE37 and some wide (for the rim) tyres... particularly those rears..!

Under the bonnet/hoot, the twin-cam 1.9litre has been modified to breathe through a pair of Webers...

..While inside this Peugeot has been stripped out; with not much more than a cage, bucket, and harness going back in!
The Momo (Mod 78?) has scored a Peugeot horn button.. a little attention to detail. ;)

Now part of me finds this a little bit of a shame. I'd happily drive the hell out of a stock GTi, and love the red carpeting and detailing on the interior (and around the exterior); But I absolutely appreciate how nicely this has been done, the condition its still in, and how much a hoot it must be to drive.
Very cool.

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  1. Hi! Very nice blog, thank you for all of these posts! I'm French, and even if this post has 4 years, I just want to precise that the twin-cam 16v engine is not stock on the 205 GTI. The original engine was an 1.9 single cam 8v, with 130ps (96kw) without catalytic converter. This DOHC 160ps (118kw) unit (if it is the non-catalysed version) is from the 309 GTI16 or the 405 Mi16.