Friday, 12 September 2014

Coffee table life..

Southern Ways / Epsilon Mesh.

..Plus a piece of glass..

..aaand an Impul Pro-Mesh aero cover thrown in to brighten things up a bit..!

A Perfect fit..

The wheel itself..

32years of interior decoration..

Never mounted, and likely never intended to do anything else..

Original, ferociously-80's, ad for the Epsilon..

Love this.

I had been looking out for a nice single or pair of these wheels for a while, based purely off a love for the period advertisement above. So was absolutely stoked to come across this single wheel on YahooJP a couple months back - and in 16x14JJ? Couldn't ask for anything more. :)

Randomly; a 14" (15" o/all) wide wheel - 381mm, a 900 high bench, and a 20mm lens on a cropped sensor camera...

..means I was standing on a stack of three wheels with my head touching the roof to take those pics.. haha


  1. Is that a 14" or 15" impul aero cover planted inside? Looks great!

    1. That one's off a 14" Pro-Mesh. Cheers!