Monday 15 December 2014


Nice and tidy - while especially interesting - example of the first generation MR2..

 1986 AW11 Toyota MR2 Black Limited - top-of-the-line for AW11's up to this point..

Similar to as was done for the end of AE86 Corolla production; the Black Limited was a special edition produced in the late days of early AW11 ('MK1A' - 1984-1986), before the updated version came out later in the year.. 

Based on the G-Limited trim level, the handful of Black Limited additions are shown on the backside of the two page flyer. Its not much!

 Past the obvious black paint; theres a handful of decals (including the awesome 'Black Limited' in the rear visor, replacing 'TOYOTA')..

..and the unique grey trim.
As a *little* bit of an AW11-fan.. that trim.. unghf... must have..

Relatively standard fare otherwise..
Being an early car, its got the MK1A-specific console, doorcards, centre HVAC area, switchgear, and the Corolla twincam wheel.. here all in excellent shape.

Early cars also had grey headliners (as opposed to black, 1986-1989).
The sunroof shade is removed in this pic, but hopefully included!

Sunroof popped, but can be removed and stowed in the frunk (behind the passenger seat in some markets).

Optional accesory boot/trunk mat. Again MK1A-specific...

The G-Limited, MK1A-specific 14" tri-spoke alloys; and in the background, the rare (accesory) lower door decals..

One of my favourite AW11 accesories, the power-cover foglights. These were an offered on many Toyota's in this era..


...? ah.
The Bigport 4AGE. Remember, the Supercharged 4AGZE wasn't offered until the MK1B introduction in later 1986.


Currently for sale in Japan, at a car dealer that always seems to have some absolute 80's gems. Regardless of the rare trim level, this seems like a very solid early AW11 - and at ~890k, I cant see it having any issue finding a new home.


  1. I did not know there were other BLACK LIMITED besides the AE86 model

  2. Those power cover fog lights are so amazing. Really rounds out an 80's Toyota.
    The layered "MR2" on the bottom of the sideskirt is just awesome. The rear visor looks really sick too, I would consider getting one made custom for my MR2 if it was black...

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