Saturday, 27 December 2014


The garage as the sun sets. No lights, lots of shadows, and grainy pics.
Just a little flattering for what is otherwise a pair of old Toyotas and a couple sets of wheels in a tin shed..
But I love it.

Assortment of racing wheels taking up way too much space.
A Sun-bleached Ferrari F40 poster lurks behind. Genuinely late 80's, and framed, but long since turned a pale yellow..

The small stainless bench has been a backdrop for just a few pics.
..The aeroplanes made out of VB cans just keep the bar high.. 

Little Red, the AW11..

Its a.. uhh.. 'cosy' fit; but enough space to walk around. The cars obviously get pushed out to get any work done..

60sHERO? An old 13x10 race wheel that matches one down the back..

Forever glad that Australia sits on its own tectonic plate..



  1. I happened across your blog by chance, and I must've been sitting here for the last two hours, clicking through every post made here. It's incredible.

    You know how they say that there's someone like oneself out there in the world? I think I just found my car enthusiast doppelganger, and it's you. Our tastes are so similar, it's uncanny - I even drive a 1987 Toyota MR2. You're on the other side of the world (I'm in NYC), but it's crazy. The whole time I've been reading this blog, I've been asking myself, "How?!"

    How do you have access to so much product? I really want in on this stuff. I'm sure I'm way younger than you (college student) but I've just always had this taste for retro stuff. For example, I was pretty bummed that I missed out on a chance to score some Enkei Aeronautics last summer since I lagged on a sale. I'm sure I'll find something nice in the future, but if you have any info on where I should expand my search to, it'd be really appreciated.

    (Video of my MR2 on my YT channel:

    1. I'm glad you like!
      Please scroll through..and read away. I had no one in mind when I started posting all this stuff, but I'm stoked some others get a kick out of it.
      Good choice on the AW11 of course! Damn I love them. They seem so unappreciated, but I can never complain. I love that the people who own them, 9.9 out of 10 times, really love them for what they are.
      WIth the wheels, parts, and so on that I post; I dont really know what to suggest, other than the obvious - Yahoo auctions japan. Ebay worldwide has a lot of things, but Yahoo Japan just has SO much in the way of vintage car parts and paraphernalia.. it blows my mind sometimes.

      Your video is awesome too btw. Great car, great video, and a great track. Reminds me so much of the intro to the movie Drive (with Kavinsky's Nightcall).. but the fixed shot and passing lights is mezmerising. I could watch that on a loop all day..
      Genuinely lol'd when I saw that Razo mirror and tree combination though!

    2. So you're the owner of that MR2, incredible. I see photos of that one posted all the time, and I always thought it was one of the cleanest examples of an AW11 out there. Good stuff for using period correct items on the interior - namely the radio.

      Those seats are so dope, haha.

      How do you ship them over to Australia? I've looked into shipping items to NYC but they usually cost about the same or more than what I'm trying to buy.

    3. Thats the original radio in this market. As I know I've mentioned many times here - I have a bit of a fetish for original/period audio in cars. I love music.. but will sit in silence if it means the console looks correct! ha
      I'm always so tempted when I stuble across period aftermarket audio on YAJ.. but thats a whole other world of awesome.. and I worry I'd get FAR too into it! I havent even posted much in that area here though - something I really should get on to..

      Theres a handful of companies that will collect and send stuff out of Japan. I use this one here:
      ..and I'm sure there are equivalents in every other country. Your best bet will be to speak to someone nearby who gets stuff out of Japan - ask them how they go about it.
      As for the shipping cost, well I just factor that in. Part-and-parcel with it all. I can only suggest stick to buying really nice things out of Japan, as it gets hard to justify buying cheap unrestored stuff when the shipping is much more than the item itself.