Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Reverend Pintara.

..here to teach us the ways of baby jeebus! 
Weathered banners of religious freedom, proudly displayed on the back of an immaculate example of late 80's sporting wagons.. 


No, no it isn't. 
A relatively complete, but absolutely neglected; 1987 R31 Nissan Pintara Wagon spotted at the wreckers the other week. It really is rare to see one this bad..
Probably better known as a Skyline wagon, as it was marketed in Japan - regardless of a CA single-cam four sitting in place of the usual silky-smooth RB straight sixes.
The vagueness in the above mentioned engine codes is because there was really a variety of different CA's and RB's used in the R31 chassis.. this Australian-built version 'powered' by the CA20E: a 2litre, twinspark, injected unit.
The alternative? The 3litre RB30. 

Original promotional image of a higher-spec Pintara GXE wagon, with its full-width rear garnish among other small differences..

..and thanks to a little more google scrounging..
..a genuinely nice, original, base-model Pintara Wagon. A bootlid away from being the entry in the R31 chassis. 


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