Tuesday 30 June 2015

Working Gemmy..!

Unexpectedly came across this at the Trafalgar Holden Museum this past weekend; on display among what are generally earlier cars from Holdens history..

A 1982 TF Holden (Isuzu) Gemini Panel-van, originally used as a RACV (Royal Auto Club of Victoria) roadside-assist service car.
According to the RACV history page, "Geminis were introduced into the fleet because they were fuel efficient and more suitable for city driving." A single sentence.. but sums it up fairly accurately I imagine!

1982 was the first year of the TF update, with some minor changes inside and out over the longer-running TD model it followed..

..the update included this newer dashboard setup.
There was one more facelift (or model code change at the least) to the TG Gemini, before the switch to the new generation front-drive car in in 1985.

Love the visor on its own.. but with a RACV light in the centre? Awesome..

Roof-rack cross-bar style light mount a little further down the roof.

This was a 3door Panel Van version. There was an option for a second row of seats (in the 'wagon' model), just dont expect another pair of doors..!

A cage behind the drivers seat gives a space to mount the spare wheel, while also protecting the back of your head from a wayward flying spanner..

Toolboxes (..colourmatched toolboxes...) in the middle, set far back enough to still have a little cargo room..

Couple extra lights and stickers on the back..

 ..and a low shot, showing off those skinny wheels and tyres!

Likely not particularly surprising; but as with any old service cars (Police, ambulance, branded trucks/vans/etc).. I'd totally drive this as-is. Stoked to see this one still around too (supposedly it was on loan from RACV?) and in such great condition.

Cool display at a great museum.


  1. Hey please let me know how to contact you. Have some questions about some mesh ex-c wheels

    1. Hey; you can send an email to imliamtoh@hotmail.com. I *might* be able to help..